How to sell more and better on sales

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We are in times of sales and is, without a doubt, the best time to sell more in our businesses. Of course, lower prices should not in any way lower the quality of our products or our customer service. Price reductions do not amount to rebates in quality. Today we bring you some tips to take advantage of this time and sell more and better. We hope you find them useful. Happy discounts!

Signaling and positioning products optimally

You must create a sales environment, that is, that you notice that your store has special prices, which is not just any day. Your trade in sales should not go unnoticed. For this, the best thing is that you signal the offers well and that you organize the products optimally. Not only do we talk about showcase here, but also, since this is our letter of introduction and the first thing that the client will see when he goes down the street in front of our store, but we also talk about the inside of the store.

Loyalty. Make the customer repeat

Now you have your store well marked and the products well placed in the hot areas of it. All right. Well, it’s time to review your loyalty strategies. And is that in this period of sales it is important that you manage to attract new customers and that you become fans of your brand. The sales are, above all, a fantastic period and a great opportunity to implement loyalty strategies.

Manage schedules: opening, closing, breaks, etc.

For example, if we know that 4 o’clock in the afternoon is a rush hour where we tend to receive many visits, let’s reinforce the staff at that time. Instead of two employees, we are going to put 4. However, in the first hour, we know that many clients are not going to visit us, we can simply leave a person in charge.


Your brand does not stop communicating because the prices have dropped. It continues transmitting an image, it continues talking to the clients, it is still alive and, in fact, maybe more alive than ever, since it is receiving more visits than in other periods. In the examples you see the typical things that we see in sales and that you should never do in your stores. Please lower prices, but do not lower your brand.

Be different

The key to everything is to be different, to offer your clientele something that no other is offering. It seems complicated, but it is not so complicated. Sometimes it’s just a matter of making you want and imagination. If no brand wants to look like another for the rest of the year, it should not be an exception at this time.

Measure conversion

And we’re going with one last piece of advice without which none of this would make sense. Because in the end all the previous tips have the same objective: to increase the conversion of the store: that is, to sell more, to make our business profitable. That’s why we recommend that you always, always, measure the conversion.



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