How to reinvent marketing in restaurants

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Restaurant marketing has become much more demanding in recent years. Those responsible for gastronomic marketing, promotions and attracting new customers in restaurants face challenges as difficult as interesting. Clients now have a great variety of possible options, and restaurants must compete for customer attention.

Restaurant marketing is the best way to reach new customers, keep in touch with them and transform them into regulars through channels such as social media, email, events, sponsorships, discounts and promotions.

But, in an increasingly digitized world, it is necessary to reinvent that marketing strategy that has been used in your restaurant for several years. Today we give you some tips to reinvent marketing in your restaurant and thus attract new customers.

Create a website and update it

Having a well-optimized website allows your customers to find out about your products and achedules at any time and place, being key to your business.

But it is not only important to have the space, but also to have a good web design, making it easier for the user to navigate through it and find what they are looking for. It is advisable to include the digital menu and update the daily menu, since when a user searches for an online restaurant they like to see the options they will have before deciding, and also include positive customer reviews on the web that validate the good service and product what do you offer.

Build an attractive website and start attracting customers easily.

Take care of SEO

Appearing in the first search positions is not easy, and it requires time, work and a lot of effort. Optimize and take care of all the SEO of your website, to provide visits organically thanks to the keywords that you define for your business and allow you to compete in your sector, as equals. You should also make sure that each page of your website uses keywords, SEO friendly URLs, or that the images are well optimized with SEO.

Social media strategy

A perfect management of social networks will be essential to achieve the digitization of this sector. It does not matter if it is on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, the fundamental thing is that you are in that social network where your target audience is and that it is optimized to the maximum.

You can also use your clients as content creators. All the photos that users create about your dishes, products, restaurant and tag you, add value and brand recognition. If you use it in your favor, you will be able to retain your customers, and the return will be new customers.

Email Marketing

With the help of email marketing campaigns you can strengthen the relationship with your customers. You can send them special promotions, discounts or news on the menu, such as the introduction of a new dish or wine.

On the other hand, you can also send satisfaction questionnaires to consumers who have booked through the web. With the comments of your clients you will be able to make improvements for the future and offer a higher quality service.

Measure your results

Translate your actions into numbers to determine if you are on the right track and adjust the strategy you have defined in the Marketing Plan for restaurants.

But how can we measure and translate into numbers? For this we can use the solutions offered by Flame Analytics. We develop and implement digital marketing and analytics solutions for physical spaces that, thanks to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, help restaurants to gain new customers and generate more loyalty.

Some Flame Insights tools you can use are Wifi Analytics, People Counters or Location Analytics, among others.



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