How Innovating with the Latest Ideas and Technology Can Offer Personalized Guests Experiences

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Use innovative technology in your hotel to personalized your guests experiences

Over the last couple of years, the digital wave swept over almost every corner of the corporate landscape and completely turned over the way we do and even think about business. This tectonic shift didn’t circumvent even the sectors like the hospitality industry that were considered to be deeply rooted in human interactions, and real-life guests experiences.

But, this trend shouldn’t come off as a huge surprise.

After all, the hospitality industry is built entirely on customer engagement and creating positive guests experiences. So, any asset that can be used to meet this end, digital, analog, or on-site, should be used to the largest possible extent.

Let us take a look then at how innovation and using the latest digital tech resources can help you create a more personalized guests experiences and, ultimately, help your business grow.

How to personalized guests experiences?

Autonomous and Ai-powered check-in systems

As we mentioned in the introduction, the technology is shaping the future of the hospitality industry. This is probably most evident in the way we handle the checkout system, which is probably one of the most taxing aspects of the entire hospitality sector. These days, Artificial Intelligence tools are more than capable of handling these responsibilities with minimal human input allowing the guests to enter the apartments with no more than a couple of simple clicks. On the other hand, since the renters no longer need to be present on-site, they have more leeway to deal with other chores.

Innovative amenities

Different types of amenities were always the key to success in the hospitality industry and of the simplest ways to foster customer loyalty. The latest-gen digital technology factors into this story in numerous ways. At the most basic level, digital tools make the selection of different amenities as well as creating personalized guest suggestions so much easier. And then, there is the fact that digital resources are constantly expanding the list of amenities sought out by clients. No matter whether your clients demand farm-to-table dining or 5 GHz guest Wi-Fi you need to be prepared.

Higher-level Big Data analytics

In order to be able to offer a fully personalized guest experience, you need to know a whole lot of things about your clients. Getting these detailed insights is practically not possible without access to Big Data and resources to translate these robust chunks of unclassified info into meaningful client insights. Fortunately, these days we have a plethora of tools like Flame Analytics that are designed to improve sales and customer engagement. The insights you get here are perfectly suitable for helping you make smarter physical space decisions and improve omnichannel marketing strategies.

Offering more accurate apartment suggestions

The direct result of these deeper customer insights comes in the form of the ability to present the properties the clients may not be aware they are interested in, at least for the moment. Let’s take for example the state of California where most clicks go to popular names like Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. With the help of advanced Ai-powered tools, however, the guests are capable of discovering great apartments for rent in Berkeley and other cities that are not so widely marketed but fit their personal needs with easier access to popular amenities and lower living costs.

Streamlined communication with chat-bots

Time is precious. This rule abides both for clients and renters who need to overcome tangible obstacles before coming to a talking point beneficial to both parties. Well, the arrival of AI-run chatbots made most of these problems go away. Since they are more than capable of handling basic customer queries, AI bots present a perfect entry point to the customer journey funnel and jump board to other personalized resources. The fact they are capable of replacing mundane human labor and being available 24/7 goes a great length in demonstrating their ROI and bottom line value.

Artificial intelligence tools for hotels

An unprecedented level of automation

Automation makes any industry more rationalized and sustainable. Even though it’s based on real-life experiences, the hospitality industry still consists of countless simple and repeatable tasks that could benefit from such a digital overhaul. No matter whether we are talking about revenue management or handling inventory, AI input simply makes the hospitality sector leaner, faster, and more sustainable. Speaking strictly in terms of personalization, though, it is also good to know that automation also has a huge influence on client-oriented activities like pricing strategies and so on.

The more effective digital marketing

Last but not least, let us quickly cover one of the most important facets of hospitality, and for that matter, any other industry – marketing. No matter how good or personalized your service might be, you won’t be able to put your business on the map if you don’t know how to reach out to suitable demographics. The latest breakthroughs in digital marketing and location analytics did a great deal of heavy lifting in making this issue obsolete. With the benefits of AI-run personalized marketing technology, hospitality businesses are always capable of reaching out to the right clients.

innovative digital marketing strategies for hotels

Enhance guests experiences

Well, we hope that this short breakdown helped you reach a better understanding of how the latest innovations in the tech department are helping make the hospitality industry leaner, faster, and most importantly, more personalized. These things shouldn’t be easily overlooked. After all, higher levels of personalization are one of the most important factors the clients take into consideration when making their lodging decisions. Staying ahead of the curve in this regard can only make your business more competitive.



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