Hotels bet on personalized experiences

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Hotels bet on personalized experiences

Creating unique, emotional and intimate experiences with their guests is the objective pursued today by hotel chains that have realized the importance of personalization.

Much more than a lobby

The 21st century lobby is much more than a simple hall and becomes a space that represents the entire experience that can be lived in the hotel. It is an extension of the lounge, where guests and visitors can choose their own way of interacting, be it with an aperitif, a cocktail or even working. For example, the Moxy by Marriott have made the bar the main point of the hotel. There, guests can have a drink, work and even check-in.

Redefining fidelity

Other aspects where customization is focusing the most is on loyalty or points programs, thanks to which promotions and offers are obtained.

But the new guest goes further and is no longer just looking for recognition and personalization. They expect the hotel brand to recognize them, to know their personal habits and, in this way, adjust the experience to the maximum. The temperature of the room can be adjusted before arrival and the Wi-Fi connection must be prepared.

But how to improve the experience of a loyal traveler? A room with better views, free room service adapted to requests from past stays or an improved series of amenities may be the solution. Hoteliers must seek total harmony, that the experience be fluid and personalized.

A connected future

Hoteliers are only limited by their imagination and, of course, by technology. And it will be precisely this that will allow this digital transformation to advance. Nowadays it is already possible to adjust the tone of the lighting in the bedroom or in the bathroom, according to the preferences of the client. By opening the door of the room we can make your favorite song play. Perhaps some guests may like the scent of roses, while others prefer the freshness of lemon. The possibilities are endless to create that emotional connection that will surprise the guest.



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