Hotel marketing, increasingly personalized thanks to technology

Written by Flame

The future of marketing in the hotel sector no doubt involves personalization. In addition, other challenges would have to be added, such as the competitiveness of the sector, digitalization, consumer hyperconnectivity, technological expectations and the extraction of Big Data data in order to know the customer.

The service of the hotels should be like a custom-made suit, that fits the needs of each client. And what do we need to make it look like a glove? Know the measures of each client. For this there are many techniques and tools that allow you to know and establish a relationship with him, using technology to improve the user experience before your arrival, during your stay and, of course, afterwards.

For example before arriving at the hotel it would be interesting to be able to identify the user before booking and offer a unique experience: to see a different version of the website or a different price depending on the number of reservations made or their loyalty to the establishment. Another example could be that the user could, through virtual reality, visit the hotel and know all its charms before arriving.

During the stay in the hotel the mobile will be the permanent contact with the guest and here a range of possibilities to interact with him opens up. Undoubtedly, the mobile is an additional channel to hire the services offered by the hotel, such as spa, restaurant and even room service, or know the schedules of night shows. The mobile also acquires another dimension beyond the relationship with customers and the service, since it becomes a wonderful source of information through social Wi-Fi.



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