Hazar al Zadjali: “Customers are loyal if they are heard and taken care of.”

Written by Flame

Hazar al Zadjali is Retail Expert, Psychologist and Creative Director & Manager at Boutique Muscat.

What do you think the post-COVID retail landscape will look like?

Consumers have changed quite a bit after the past two years – consumers and retailers were forced to adapt, and I think retail is facing an upgrade especially in terms of being technologically adapt. It is only natural human behaviour to want to experience products / services before purchasing, so retailers have to be very creative in making their products and services that are available online, so that it is as if the customer can “almost” feel or see the product.

What will be the biggest problem or weakness that the physical store have to deal with?

I believe many consumers still prefer to shop personally and enjoy the experience; however the facts are that consumers are also running short on time in their day to day lives and seek quick and efficient solutions. The biggest problem for retailers with physical stores would be to be able to use technology and retail analytics to offer customers efficient service. So today it is not only about the product but also about the experience and efficient service.

What role will technology play?

Technology has become a fundamental part of any retail business no matter the segment. Retailers need to educate themselves on what sort of technology works for them and how using this technology can help them serve their customers better and quicker.

How will customer loyalty be achieved?

From experience customers are loyal if they are heard and taken care of. Listening and gathering feedback is key.

Are you optimistic about the future of retail?

Of course, retail is an integral part of societies across history, it actually has evolved across decades but the core stays the same and it plays a big role in the lives of people today whether it’s retail of necessities or luxury items. Now the strongest retailers are the ones that will succeed or survive and for that to happen they need to be creative in adapting to the needs of customers that have gone past product only.

What do you think about our Flame analytics tool?

It is the perfect timing for retail analytics tools such as flame to grow – retailers need to understand their customers to be able to make m correct business decisions.



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