Gaetano Graziano: “AI is transforming the customer experience through the collection of vast amounts of data”

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impact of ai in customer experience - Gaetano Graziano interview

Meet Gaetano Graziano, the Deputy Executive Chairman of “ADCC” in Italy, a visionary leader shaping the future of retail and customer experience. His expertise illuminates the transformative impact of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data Analysis on large-scale retail and shopping centers. Graziano’s insights provide a compelling glimpse into the evolving dynamics of the industry, emphasizing the fusion of innovation and customer-centric strategies in today’s competitive market.

Malls interview – Impact of AI in customer experience

What transformation is Artificial Intelligence (AI) bringing to the world of large-scale retail (GDO) and shopping centers?

AI is radically changing the face of retail. This transformation occurs through supply chain optimization, automation of payments and deliveries, shelf monitoring with predictive analysis to prevent losses. For shopping centers, it enhances security through the detection of suspicious behaviors using advanced algorithms and improves customer service with personalization and virtual assistants.

Looking to the future, one could imagine an even more pronounced evolution of AI with immersive virtual shopping experiences, allowing customers to experience products virtually before purchasing. Furthermore, AI will be leveraged to enhance sustainability in retail by tracking and optimizing the production and distribution chain to reduce overall environmental impact.

How is Big Data Analysis transforming the customer experience?

Big Data Analysis, coupled with AI, is transforming the customer experience through the collection and interpretation of vast amounts of data. In-depth understanding of purchasing behaviors leads to the creation of more targeted and efficient experiences for customers. Additionally, Big Data analysis identifies market trends, optimizes pricing strategies, and improves inventory management, contributing overall to a more satisfying and personalized shopping experience.

How to make your store stand out and increase sales?

To make the store stand out and increase sales in an era where online purchases are increasingly prevalent, it is essential to transform the store into a unique experiential point. This experience can be enriched by adopting new technologies such as augmented reality and captivating design. However, the human factor remains crucial. Having well-trained, friendly sales staff capable of providing personalized attention and appropriate advice to customers can make a difference.

Ways to boost customer engagement in 2024?

To boost customer engagement in 2024, it is important to stay abreast of market trends and continuously adapt to customer needs and expectations. Therefore, considering the adoption of innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and augmented reality is advisable. Maximizing the use of social media and collaborating with influencers can be more effective than traditional advertising channels. Creating loyalty programs based on personalized shopping styles and exclusive offers can promote customer loyalty.

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