Shopping malls

A shopping mall is a very dynamic space, in which understanding customers´ behaviour, knowing patterns of visits and traffic and having conversion data is something that generates many competitive advantages. Nowadays, customers are very active and demanding. They want immediate information and, because of that, it is necessary to establish the bidirectional communication with them. In short, shopping malls should focus on the customers, create value services and communicate with them in a multichannel way (social networks, email marketing, mobile marketing, etc.).

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Improve your reputation

Social networks are ideal for shopping centers to send their latest campaigns, communicate their sales and extraordinary activities, provide information from the center, gather information from their customers, launch price promotions, product promotions, etc.

With Flame you can redirect customers to your social networks, increase the number of followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You Will be able to submit surveys that will help you improve your business and increase your reputation.

Generate greater engagement

Knowing your client and knowing how they move within the mall has great advantages and will help you to make accurate decisions about opening hours, layouts design and also, this will help you to improve customer experience.

Thanks to Flame you will be able to obtain personal data, powerful metrics and immediate statistics about your clients’ behaviour. An information with which you will be able to make the best decisions and to create accurate promotional actions that will increase the engagement of your clients.

Impact the customer
with offers and promotions with
which you will generate more business

Increase your loyalty

We know that your goal is that your customer comes back to your mall. An objective that can come true easily if you know what they want and what they need, when they need it and, of course, if you offer it to them before your competitors.

With Flame, will you be able to contact your customers by email and send them interesting promotions. Send them an email on their birthday and offer them a special discount. They will come back for sure!

Increase benefits

Because not all customers are the same neither have the same needs, it is important that your messages are adapted to these needs. Something that you will achieve if you know your clients, what they want and what they like at all times.

Send with Flame special promotions and personalized messages through the captive portal when they are inside the mall, or through email at any other time (a discount on their birthday or a special menu for Father’s Day). You will undoubtedly get a happy and satisfied customer.

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