Public Transport

From its beginnings, in the public transport sector, analysis techniques are applied for a better resource planning. However, until now there has been a hidden knowledge that made very difficult to analyse each user behaviour individually, real-time occupation or which are the most used routes.  Thanks to Wifi analytics technology, Flame is able to know each user individually: in what stop he/she takes the bus, how long he/she stays in the vehicle and in what stop he/she gets down. All of them, key aspects that help you to have a greater knowledge of the public transport line and to make the best decisions.

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State-of-the-art technology that helps you get the most out of your transportation infrastructure


Discover the most used resources

Flame is able to know which stops are used by more users, which journeys are more common and at what time people use them.

Analyze user’s behaviour

Flame allows you to know how users behave by analyzing how long they stay inside the vehicles and also the repetition ratio. With this information you will know whether users are habitual, sporadic or new.

Know the occupation level 

With Flame you know the level of the vehicles occupation in real time and also you can consult the historical data. You will be able to consult the occupation during the route and the time slots through heat maps tools or through graphs and indicators

Have a greater knowledge
of the public transport line
and to make better decisions

Plan the resources in a better way

Knowing the most used routes, the profile of the users and the level of occupation, you will be able to carry out better lines and vehicles planning.

Improve customers´experience and satisfaction

Flame helps you to offer a better service to the users and, as a consequence, increase their satisfaction and loyalty.

Reduce fraud

Flame is a 100% passive technology that will help you with objective data that you will be able to contrast with other data sources and check fraud patterns.

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