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The most powerful and complete digital marketing and analytics platform for the Retail sector

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At Flame we develop and implement digital marketing and analytics solutions for physical spaces that, thanks to big data and Artificial Intelligence, improve management and help retailers to understand their customers behavior.

  • Understand

    Your customers behavior

  • Measure

    And improve your point of sale performance

  • Personalize

    Customer experience

Benefits for Retail

Know Customer´s behavior

  • Discover how your customers interact at the point of sale (traffic and movement patterns) and make optimal decisions about opening hours, staff, layout design, product placement, etc.

  • Improve your customers’ shopping experience. Find out what your customers like and offer them what they want the most and what they need at all times.

  • Generate a more loyal and committed clientele.

Learn about PoS performance

  • Find out how your showcase is performing and its attractiveness / capture capacity.

  • Find out if your business´ location is optimal.

  • Improve your conversion rates and your business profitability and efficiency.

  • With Shopper funnel, you can measure the KPIs that occur throughout the customer journey.

Do effective location-based marketing

  • Send personalized push messages to your customers when they are at the point of sale and give them unique attention.

  • Create campaigns based on a specific segment (gender, age, zip code) or on a specific behavior (loyalty, interests).

Optimally manage your locations

  • Identify best and worst practices in different locations and create the perfect store.

  • Measure the main performance indicators of your stores (exterior and interior traffic, capture and conversion ratios, etc.) and compare them with each other.

  • Discover the performance of all your locations in each of the key points or kpis of the process.

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