Small details are often the ones that make a customer decide for one place or another. Did you know that, for example, the free and quality Wifi service can be the factor that decant the balance in your favour? Nowadays offering Wifi in your establishment is a differential value that will help you to reach new customers and generate more loyalty. But, in addition, if you offer it in a smart way, it is a service from which you can take great advantages. With Flame you will be able to efficiently contact with your customers, send them personalized offers, satisfaction surveys and invitations to follow you on your social networks. In addition, you will be able to measure the performance of your business knowing the average times your clients spent in your restaurant, the rate of repetition or loyalty, the number of visits by days and hours, etc.

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Gain new customers and generate more loyalty. Measure your business performance and get the most out of it.


Increases sales

It is said that information is power. We agree! That is why, the more you know your client, the more you will be able to satisfy their needs.

Send your customers special offers and promotions totally personalized through Flame´s captive portal when they are in your restaurant, or send them an email at another time (a discount on their birthday or a special menu for Valentine’s day). With this, you will get a satisfied and happy customer that will come back for sure.

Improve your reputation

Social networks have nowadays a strong impact on the hospitality industry. Whether it is to increase your number of followers, to interact with them, to improve reservations or to offer customer service, it is clear that improving your strategy in social networks is a good idea. With Flame you can redirect customers to your social networks and increase the number of followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can also submit surveys that will help you to know your points of improvement and increase the reputation of your business on rating platforms like TripAdvisor.

Contact with your customers
and measure your business´ performance
with your Wifi!

Attract new customers

Online reputation has more weight today than ever before. And this is because customers’ opinions in certain networks or applications, guide and inspire confidence in others who do not know your restaurant. If a potential client is curious about your restaurant and see a positive review on TripAdvisor, he will decide faster.

Flame, thanks to its integration with the main platforms (TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Trust Pilot), encourages your satisfied customers to leave the recommendation. Earn positive feedback easily and effectively!

Increase loyalty

Getting your customer back in your restaurant is always a priority and it is something that can be easily achieved, more than you imagine. You have to know your customer, what they need, when they need it and of course, offer it to them before others do!

Thanks to Flame, you will be able to contact your customers by email at the right time and send them new offers and interesting promotions to get them back. Send them an e-mail with special discounts for their birthday, an anniversary, Mother’s Day or other important events!

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