Flame, solution for Museums 

Analytics and digital marketing to make the right decisions in real time

At Flame we develop and implement digital marketing and analytics solutions that, thanks to big data and Artificial Intelligence, help us make the right decisions in real time and offer a safe and satisfactory experience.

  • Detect

    Certain situations and carries out specific actions to correct them.

  • Improve

    the profitability and efficiency of your museum, while achieving a happier, more loyal and more committed visitor.

  • Personalize

    customer experience. Reduce waiting times in queues, send personalized offers in the museum shop, etc.

Benefits for Museums

Know how your visitors move

  • Discover traffic and circulation patterns inside the museum. Optimize opening and closing times, staff, better design layouts and place the exhibits in the best way, etc.

  • Improve the experience for visitors, you will be able to measure internal and external traffic, measure stay and repetition times and, in this way, improve loyalty and engagement.

Reduce waiting in queues

  • Analyze the status of all queues in real time.

  • Launch automatic alerts to take specific actions.

  • If you reduce the waiting time in the queue, you will drastically reduce the rate of abandonment and improve the experience of your visits inside the museum.

Avoid crowds

  • Detect in real time in which areas there is a greater concentration of visitors.

  • Activate alarms directed to the staff so that they act accordingly.

  • Get greater security and satisfaction of your visitors.

Improve the effectiveness of your campaigns

  • Measure the impact of all your digital campaigns.

  • Unite the offline and online behavior of your visitors and, in this way, get a better understanding of the customer journey or the journey of your visitors.

  • Identify your visitors through onboarding in physical spaces (Guest Wifi, Api, etc.) and obtain reliable demographic data about your visits (gender, age, postal code, etc.) and contact information (email, telephone, etc. .)