Nowadays, nobody doubts about the need to have a quality Wifi connection in hotels. In fact, hotels owners are betting to offer it in its facilities. Since you offer free Wifi to your customers, why do not you take advantage of it? Do you know that Wifi service can turns into an effective and powerful marketing and analytical tool? You will be able to identify and connect with your customers and, as a consequence, you will increase their loyalty, engagement and, exponentially, you will increase your sales. Discover Flame Social Wifi and Wifi Analytics tools and squeeze your hotel full potential.

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Maximize the potential of your hotel with the most powerful marketing and analytical Wifi solution on the market


Increases sales

If you know what your client is looking for or what he / she needs at any time (spa discount, 2×1 in the cafeteria, etc.) you will be able to offer that service to him / her on time will and see how their commitment and loyalty to your brand increases.

With Flame you can impact your client with specific offers and promotions totally customized through the captive portal or sending them an email. In this way, you will create a satisfied customer whom you will manage to sell a greater number of products and services, a client that will come back for sure.

Increase customer satisfaction

Acting on time in front of an unsatisfied customer is always the best idea. Show them that you care about their opinion, value their comments and criticisms and encourage them to speak well about you.

With Flame, you can automatically send out surveys during your customers’ stay or after they check-out. In this way, you can identify frustrated or dissatisfied customers and act in time avoiding negative comments on social networks or on platforms such as TripAdvisor.

Generate more direct reservations

Hotel businesses want their clients to make their reservations through their website but in many cases, they book through online agencies (OTA) that do not facilitate customers contact details to the hotel.

With Flame, you will be able to identify your customers when the OTAs do not give you this information. You will be able to contact them by SMS, telephone or email and send them new offers to invite them to make the reservation through your website.

Flame Analytics is the leading BigData and AI platform that helps transform and make physical spaces smarter with its omnichannel digital marketing and analytics tools.