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Our Marketing Manager, Lucía González, has written a post in Running Great Stores´blog about how to become a great retail manager.

Great Retail Managers are Data Driven!

Rachel Williamson invited us to write a post in her blog. She said that she was “excited to have a guest blogger: Lucia and I met several months ago and she has written an article about how being data driven can help retail managers be strong performers”.

The post

I have heard so many times that the secret of being a good retail manager is knowing how to wear many hats, without compromising any part of their role. What does this mean? Well, they have to be capable of running an efficient store, hitting sales targets, scheduling employees, keeping them motivated, enforcing company policies and much more. So, for a successful retail management career, a good combination of hard and soft skills are needed.

One thing that retail managers have to bear in mind is that their job largely depends on the effectiveness of their team. The team needs to be clear about their roles, responsibilities and, of course, their rights. It’s up to retail managers to provide the support to help the team reach their full potential. They must be firm but fair, by giving both constructive criticism and praise, as appropriate.

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