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The retail transforms. New trends for 2014

The retail transforms. New trends for 2014. Heat maps reach the retail world and make tackles . Merchants increasingly want to know more about how customers behave , how they move …


Imagine that you own / to a store , supermarket, shopping center …
Now imagine a software that will provide a snapshot of the time what is “hot” and “cold” in your business
Well that’s what gives you a product retail analytics as Flame: A tool that tracks the movements of your customers ( how they “navigate ” through your site ) and generates heat maps .

For merchants or retailers Flame becomes a valuable tool for making decisions about product placement and distribution of the soil.

Flame helps you determine which parts of your business are attractive and hot , and which are running cold and empty . In summary, Flame You can optimize the management of your business and make the best decisions based on objective data.

It is a tool to understand customer behavior : where he walks more people , what they are doing , how long they stay in a certain place … It is a revolutionary new software that, thanks to the technology of heat maps helps to understand your customers , what they like and what attracts them.

Flame is a software so easy to implement because it doesn´t require a specific infrastructure. It is so simple! You only have to connect Flame to the cameras in the store. It is 100% compatible with IP cameras. Remember: It’s easy. It’s fast. And it’s up and running in minutes.

Flame is in the Cloud, so you can access from virtually any device with a browser. Furthermore, thanks to its responsive design you can log in from any mobile device. Thus, your tablet, phone or lap top becomes a real window where you can see what is happening in your business at real time.

Flame is the best way to understand your customers and your business. Through the heat maps´ technology (graphical representations of the store´s warm and cold areas) and also, with a powerful analysis tool that will allow you to exploit all the information captured through tables, graphs and reports.