Flame expands its international presence and lands in America

Written by Flame

Flame has signed a collaboration agreement with the American company Interaxlink for the official opening of a new Flame delegation in America. The headquarters is located in the city of Miami (USA) and has already begun to cover all the  territory´s countries.

Flame´s landing in America represents the consolidation of the Flame internationalization process. Now Flame operates in the Americas from its own headquarters providing sales and marketing services, support and customer services throughout the territory (South America, Central America-Caribbean and North America).

Esteban Tognini is our General Manager in the area. Entrepreneur, with more than 25 years of experience in the IT market and with more than 10 years of experience in the Retail sector, expert in startups and in developing successful solutions for the industry, Esteban is a true passionate about technology. Its strengths are the channel´s development and the support and communication with the client.

Thanks to this agreement with Interaxlink, Flame analytics will have greater coverage and presence in the American countries, being able to develop a wide network of partners and collaborators that will help and support all customers. “Our aim is to help those customers to evolve, to encourage them to take the leap into a new era, towards a more modern retail… We want them to start measuring, to be omnichannel, so they can give a better experience to the shopper and, of course, we want them to be more profitable, “explains Tognini.

The opening of this new office is “a consequence of Flame´s strong expansion and the growth of the platform”, says Jonathan Solís, CEO of Flame analytics, who adds that “the new facilities will work as a key point for the services that we lend in the American continent. ”

For both Flame and Interaxlink, it is “an investment, a commitment and an effort that we make because we see an opportunity in the region.” For Esteban, “the Latin American and North American market has an enormous potential. There is a need that has not yet been met and that will be solved thanks to Flame, that has already been successfully tested in Europe”.



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