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Our marketing manager, Lucía González, has written a post in Ansgar John / Sinaas´Blog about Wifi Marketing

Knowing your customers, what they need and want is vital to build loyalty and generate more engagement towards your brand. In this post you will find out how to achieve it thanks to Wifi.

Offering a Guest Wifi service in your business is a must. Nowadays, customers are looking for places that offer a quality Wifi connection in order to surf their favourite websites and, if
you provide this quality connection, they will give you something in return (their contact information: email, telephone, etc. and also their gender, age, zip code…)

Also, thanks to Wifi, you can discover how your clients behave, gaining their loyalty and improving engagement towards your brand. You will discover how much time your customers spend at the store and the return rate (how many are new and how are repeated).Once you know them and you have their contact info its time to offer them what they want at the right time. A massive email is no longer effective but if the email comes at the appropriate time, the conversion rate will increase greatly. Advertising bothers and saturates us in equal parts, but it does not bother us to receive a discount for a product that we have been searching for and that really interests us.

Thanks to Wifi marketing nowadays it is possible to create hyper-segmented audiences by different demographic and behavioural data (gender, age, loyalty rate…) and, then, create a campaign and send it via email, sms or beacons. With Wifi marketing it is also possible to measure its impact.

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