The most complete tool

Flame is the most complete solution because it uses several leading technologies to offer different solutions to the customers specific problems

Wifi analytics

Thanks to Wifi analytics it is possible to know how customers interact with the store. The possibilities are endless: Analysis of presence, Social Wifi, etc.

Wifi analytics allows you to better understand your customers behavior in the store. This technology has a great potential to boost sales and generate brand loyalty. Thanks to Wifi analytics you can discover your capture rate (passersby / visits), dwell time, loyalty rate (repeated visits vs new) and also your customers gender and age.

Heat maps

Heat maps are graphs that allow you to identify hot spots (the areas that attract the users) and dead areas.

Today’s stores aren’t just interested in what cusmoners buy. They also want to know how they shop. Thanks to Flame heat maps retailers can track what their customers touch, what they ignore, and where they walk, so they can optimize store layouts like never before.

cuenta personas

People counters

People counters tell you, with high precision, the number of visits that your store have had at any hour, day, month, year … The results can be compared with other periods or previous campaigns.

People counters are systems that provide accurate and reliable data and indicate the number of visitors who have entered in your store or in a certain area in a specific period of time. Likewise, they allow you to measure the number of visits that are in the store at any moment, rush hours, days with more traffic and also conversion ratios (sales per visit, average ticket, etc.)

Captive portal

Take another step in your marketing plan and improve your business communication. Start with Flame to segment your campaigns and direct your messages to an specific audience. You will increase your ROI and your business efficiency.

Captive portal allows users to access to your wireless network,  in exchange for their personal and valuable information that they give you at registration time. Through the captive portal you will get valuable information from customers that you can use in your marketing campaigns or in your newsletters. Start targeting your ads, promotions and news. You will generate new leads and potential customers with this innovative marketing tool.

Queue management

Thanks to Flame queue management you can know how many clients are in the queues and how long the staff take to serve them.

The goal of every retailer is to make the waiting time in a queue as small as possible. Something logical if you take into account that, if you manage to reduce the average time spent by a customer waiting to be served, you will increase his/her satisfaction and, therefore, increase his/her loyalty to your brand.


Beacons are small devices that emit Bluetooth signals that are captured by the smartphones and that offer information about discounts, geolocation, recommendations, etc.

Beacons will allow you to know better your customers behavior and tastes, thus you will be able to make them better offers. Beacons communicate via Bluetooth with visitors mobiles so it is possible to send them offers, promotions, interesting information, alerts, recommendations, etc.


Flame analytics can integrate data sources from different business applications (POS, ERP, CRM, HR, etc.) using a push and pull API.

Undoubtedly, measuring is an action that will let you know if what you are doing is right, wrong or you can improve. With Flame insights you will get numbers and data that are vital for making decisions of all kinds.

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