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At Flame we develop and implement digital marketing and analytics solutions that, thanks to big data and Artificial Intelligence, improve management and help the center understand customer behavior.

  • Understand

    People behaviour

  • Measure

    The performance of your mall

  • Offer

    Unique and memorable experiences

Benefits for Asset Manager

Effective and data-driven management

  • Improve the leasing strategy of each center thanks to advanced analytics and BigData.

  • Understand visitors´ behavior and offer them the best experience and brand mix.

  • Unify the analysis of the portfolio of centers providing the best tools to your teams.

Benefits for Management

Optimal management and knowledge

  • Optimize and plan the operations of the center (cleaning, maintenance, security, etc.) based on data from visitor flows.

  • Improve relations with operators by providing insights and relevant data on visits.

  • Know visitors´ opinion through satisfaction surveys.

  • Find out the visitors´ profile and their behavior patterns.

Benefits for Marketing

Run effective campaigns and improve ROI for operators

  • It promotes the capture of contacts and visitors´ profiles to the center.

  • Create audiences segmented by behavior (frequency of visits, most visited areas, etc.) and by demographic aspects.

  • Launch personalized proximity marketing campaigns (email, sms, APP, etc.).

  • Build a customer loyalty program and integrate it with your CRM (PlaceWise, Salesforce, Hubspot, etc.).

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