Public Transport Software

Route planning and resource optimization software for transportation

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At Flame we develop and implement analytics and digital marketing solutions that, thanks to big data and Artificial Intelligence, help public transport to improve resource planning, have greater knowledge about public transport lines and make the best decisions.

  • Know

    Each user individually: at which stop they get on, how long they stay in the vehicle and at which stop they get off.

  • Improve

    Resource planning

  • Make

    The best decisions

Vehicle tracking and monitoring software for transportation

Transportation routes optimization. Better plan your resources.

  • Flame is able to know at which stops users get on and off and therefore know which are the most used routes and during which time slots. Therefore, you will be able to know which are the stops where users get off the most without the need for a people account.

  • Knowing in depth the most used routes, the profile of the users and the level of occupancy, you will be able to carry out better planning of lines and vehicles.

  • Flame helps you offer a better services to your users and as a consequence increase their satisfaction and loyalty

Data and performance analysis software

Transport data analysis. Analyze users behavior

  • Find out how long users stay inside the vehicles.

  • Find out what the repetition rate is and therefore know if the users are regular, sporadic or new.

  • With Flame you will know the occupancy level of the vehicles both in real time and by consulting the historical ones. You will be able to check the occupation during the tour and time slots through useful heat map tools or through graphic series and indicators.

Tracking and monitoring of vehicles for transportation

Transport fleet control. Reduce fraud

  • Flame is 100% passive technology that thanks to objective data will help you to compare with other data sources and check fraud patterns.