Solutions for Hotels 

Improve hotel management and increase guest satisfaction and loyalty.

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We develop and implement digital marketing and analytics solutions for physical spaces that, thanks to big data and Artificial Intelligence, improve hotel management and increase guest satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Increase

    Sales and generate a satisfied customer

  • Generate

    Direct bookings

  • Personalize

    Customer experience

Benefits for hotels

Fast and secure connection

  • Provides a quick and easy connection experience without having to perform cumbersome logins on the WiFi portal.

  • Offer a reliable service to hotel guests, both in rooms and in lounges and other common areas, through a secure WiFi connection.

Enrich your CRM

  • Enriches hotel’s CRM automatically with contacts information from every client, thus increasing the value of reservations made by platforms such as Booking, Hotels, etc.

  • And, if you don’t have a CRM, use the marketing / campaigns module included in Flame Analytics.

PMS Integration

  • Automate, in a single platform, WiFi service management by integrating it with the PMS application.

  • Make Guest WiFi service even easier for guests and also more controllable for the hotel, by integrating it with the PMS.

Send personalized offers

  • Increase additional revenue for each room sold by promoting other hotel areas that generate a better experience for clients.

  • Communicate to guests during their stay the available hotel services (bar, restaurant, spa, …) according to the area of ​​the establishment where the client is and according to the time of day.

  • Promote cross-sales or upgrade for future reservations such ‘late check-out’ offers, special parking extension or upgrading a superior room. Each client is unique.

Flame Analytics is the leading BigData and AI platform that helps transform and make physical spaces smarter with its omnichannel digital marketing and analytics tools.