Flame Analytics has won THREE badges in the G2 Fall Reports

Written by Flame

Flame Analytics has just obtained three badges in the recently published Fall Reports of the G2 platform that reward the best technological solutions in different fields.

G2 Reports help users discover the best and most appropriate solutions to solve their business problems. These reports are very useful to obtain information about software and services, to compare tools and technologies and, in short, to find the best option for each one. G2 is the perfect platform to identify the right tools for any business.

On this occasion, Flame Analytics has been included in:

Small-Business Grid® Report for Email Marketing | Fall 2022
Grid® Report for Email Marketing | Fall 2022
Relationship Index for Email Marketing | Fall 2022

In G2 Flame Analytics has collected 40 positive reviews from customers and partners so far. These are some of them:

“A tool that adapts to your challenges and makes it easier for you to make decisions by collecting valuable information, totally oriented to your project. It facilitates a clear vision of the evolution as well as of the fundamental kpi’s so as not to get lost in infinite analyses.”

“Highly recommended to analyze the necessary ratios for your Retail business. It allows you to access from different accounts so that each user can see the information they need. You can create custom dashboards without the need for technical support, which makes it very agile and fast for your business.”

“A powerful tool for collecting and processing information, but simple when it comes to presenting valuable information and KPIs, designed to facilitate decision-making.”

“Flame Analytics has helped our business by focusing on growth. It provides data analysis and is a great help in marketing. Using all its modules is unnecessary as you can choose which module to adopt. For my overall experience, I think it’s the best out in the market.”

“Through an easy-to-use “plug and play” platform, it allows knowing the behavior of customers in physical spaces: stores, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, public buildings… It allows you to interact with customers with total control and with very few steps organize relational campaigns with visitors. Its robustness and ease of use allow a return on investment almost immediately”

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