Solutions for Large Retail 

Improve the profitability and efficiency of our business and achieve a happier customer.

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Large retail sector is one of the most complex and dynamic environments in retail and therefore, the variables that affect it are almost infinite. Knowing our customer and being able to anticipate their needs will help us to detect certain situations to carry out concrete actions to correct them and, in short, to improve the profitability and efficiency of our business, and to achieve a happier customer.

  • Detect

    Movement patterns through intelligent algorithms that, analyzed in real time, are fundamental to detect situations and carry out immediate actions

  • Identify

    Your customers and send them personalized offers

  • Measure

    The impact and real attribution of your marketing campaigns.

Benefits for Large retail

Reduce queuing times

  • know the status of the queues in real time (number of people in queue, queuing times, etc.)

  • Launch automatic alerts to take concrete actions (For example: open or close a supermarket check-out)

  • Increase customer satisfaction and reduce drop out rates.

conoce como se mueven tus clientes en gran distribución

Improve Customer Experience

  • Know the patterns of traffic and movement inside the store and you will be able to make optimum decisions about opening hours, staff management, layout design, product placement, etc.

  • Optimize the conversion, improve cross selling and get a better store experience.

  • Increase your customers loyalty and engagement.

Improve your campaigns´ effectiveness

  • Identify your customers and send them personalized offers based on their gender, age, loyalty level, etc

  • Measure your digital campaigns effectiveness (CTR).

  • Combine offline and online behavior to make better decisions.

  • Gain a better understanding of the customer journey.

Flame Analytics is the leading BigData and AI platform that helps transform and make physical spaces smarter with its omnichannel digital marketing and analytics tools.