Large retail sector

Large retail sector is one of the most complex and dynamic environments in retail and therefore, the variables that affect it are almost infinite. Knowing our customer and being able to anticipate their needs will help us to detect certain situations to carry out concrete actions to correct them and, in short, to improve the profitability and efficiency of our business, and to achieve a happier customer.

Flame is able to detect movement patterns through intelligent algorithms that, analyzed in real time, are fundamental to detect situations and carry out immediate actions. For example, with Flame you can manage queues properly or activate an alert when there are too many customers on a particular section or department of the store. Likewise, with Flame analytics, you can identify your customers, send them personalized offers and, through the integration of online and offline channels, measure the impact and real attribution of your marketing campaigns.

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conoce como se mueven tus clientes en gran distribución

Know how your customers move

:Finding out what users want or don´t want is vital to make the best decision. To do this, you must know how they interact at the point of sale: how and where they move, what they touch, what attracts them… With this information, hypermarkets and large retail stores can make better decisions based on objective data.

With Flame you will know the patterns of traffic and movement inside the store and you will be able to make optimum decisions about opening hours, staff management, layout design, product placement, etc. You will optimize the conversion, improve cross selling and get a better store experience, which will increasing your customers loyalty and engagement.

Reduce queuing times

The goal of every retailer is to make queuing time as small as possible. Something logical if we take into account that if you manage to reduce the this time, you will get a happy and loyal customer.

Thanks to Flame you will be able to know the status of the queues in real time (number of people in queue, queuing times, etc.) and launch automatic alerts to take concrete actions (For example: open or close a supermarket check-out). You will increase customer satisfaction and reduce drop out rates.

Alert your staff of occupation level by zones

In large centers sometimes it is difficult to manage in real time the spaces or departments that divide them. In this sense, knowing the occupation level will help us improve customer service.

Flame detects in real time in which areas have a greater concentration of customers and activates alarms directed to the staff so that they go to these areas. This will result in greater conversion and customers satisfaction.

If a customer is satisfied
he/she is a happy client;
and will be commited with your brand

Reduce dropout rate

One of the biggest problems faced by Large Retail Sector is the dropout rate (exit without purchasing). Therefore, one of the sectors main objectives is to reduce this rate.

With Flame you can measure the dropout rate and discover how many of your customers are leaving the business without purchasing. A vital data when analyzing and making good strategic decisions and necessary to improve conversion rate.

Reduce la tasa de abandono
campañas de marketing eficaces gracias a Flame

Improve your campaigns´ effectiveness

Creating tailor-made campaigns and being able to measure the result obtained is already possible in the offline world. With Flame you can measure the campaigns impact and attribution.

Thanks to Social Wifi it will be possible to identify your customers and measure your digital campaigns effectiveness (CTR) . You can also combine offline and online behavior to make better decisions and gain a better understanding of the customer journey.

Connect with your customers

Knowing and identifying the customers has great advantages for the business and for your communication and marketing strategies.

With our Social Wifi solution you can identify your customers and send them personalized offers based on their gender, age, loyalty level, etc. An important step with which you will surely increase sales and generate a loyal customer.

conecta con tus clientes

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