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As experts in Shopping Centers, at Flame we know that one of your main concerns is to achieve the greatest possible influx to the center in general and to the operators in particular. To achieve this, marketing campaigns become an essential. In today’s post we tell you how to get the largest number of customers to visit your shopping center.

Shopping Centers have a very clear objective: to promote and invigorate the businesses of their merchants as well as to promote the influx towards the center itself. To do this, they carry out multiple actions that aim to boost the activity of the centers, flooding both animations and promotions and powerful offers to all customers who pass through them. It is clear that the level of influx of visitors will be determined by the marketing strategies applied from the shopping center.

Let’s see some examples of animation actions and promotional actions where the merchants present in the centers participate and collaborate.

Celebrate special days, such as Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. In these cases it is advisable to offer attractive promotions, discounts and gifts or also carry out special activities in which the whole family can participate. In these cases, it is important to go by hand with outstanding operators and always have originality as a flag (think of a striking claim).

Be supportive. Among all the actions, it is always a good idea to carry out solidarity markets, food collection, shows or concerts to raise money for specific causes, popular races or family Olympics are other ideas that can be attractive and achieve dynamization and promote the influx to the centers.

Get to know your visitors. Think, what kind of center are you? What kind of people visit you? Do you stand out for your fashion operators, for your leisure or gastronomic offer?… Depending on these answers, you must carry out some actions. For example, if one of your targets loves to cook, maybe you can make a promotion that focuses on giving tasty cooking recipes with a famous chef or, for example, make a raffle for a free cooking class with a featured chef inside your mall. Or, for example, if your shopping center stands out for its fashion offer, it makes a lot of sense to look for the latest fashion trends in your marketing. Why not organize a fashion show ? Imagine the traffic you can attract!

Do you want more ideas? Do you need inspiration? Do you want to know what other shopping centers are doing?… At Flame we work with many centers in Spain and Europe. We help them to get to know their visitors and customers better, and to communicate with them through personalized and accurate marketing campaigns. In our last webinar, we took stock of the campaigns that our clients had sent throughout 2021 and we were able to see which ones worked better, which ones had managed to attract more visits, which ones had achieved greater engagement…



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