How to face the summer at your point of sale

Written by Flame

Should we closed a few days for rest?, Should we change the schedules?, Should we lower the prices? … Surely in summer many doubts arise with respect to the management of your point of sale. And, July, August and September are the classic months of the holidays, but they are not relaxing for your point of sale and, therefore, you can not relax. Today at Flame we tell you how a business should face the summer.

In summer who more and who less takes a few days of vacation and that has its repercussions in business (for better or worse depending on the sector). Maybe it’s a good time to review the commercial strategy and rethink the way we approach clients.

Summer is a good time to review our business strategy

Perhaps in these months in front of your store will pass less people (people will be on the beach or in the pool) and fewer people will enter your store. But what we must try is that at least, most of those who pass, are attracted to our shop window and enter our business. Also, once inside we have to get them to buy. How? There are many factors to consider: a good decoration, an excellent customer service, good products and of course the best prices.

To begin, let’s look at our image. In Flame we have insisted on many occasions about the importance of having a good design in our store, a nice decoration and an optimal placement of the products that, logically, is oriented to the sale. Our products must be correctly exposed and visible (if the client does not see them, he may leave our store thinking we do not offer what he is looking for) and for this it is very important to think about the placement and categorization of what we offer. Some colorful and informative posters will always help us in this task.



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