Flame Engage 

Advanced In-Store marketing automation platform for brick and mortar spaces

  • Engage customers

    With Flame you can run sophisticated marketing campaigns and engage customers that visit your brick-and-mortar venues.

  • Target them

    Be real omnichannel, target them and get a clear understanding of the ROI and traffic each campaign drives to your venues.

  • Measure

    With Flame you can measure everything. Go beyond opens, clicks and visits received and quantify real success (increased footfall and sales).

How does Engage work

Create the campaign

Create the campaign by registering your content and creating an audience segmented by gender / age / behavior patterns (loyalty rate, last visit, etc.).

Launch the campaign

Launch the campaign in the captive Wi-Fi portal, creating email triggers or simply exporting the lists to your CRM, email tool, SMS Marketing, etc.

Measure impact

Measure your campaign impact to achieve its real effectiveness and its attribution to have a deeper knowledge of your customers’ behavior.

Make remarketing

Make remarketing by exporting contacts with attributes and launching new campaigns.


  • Seamlessly, start running advanced, accurate  and well-targeted campaigns across multiple channels from a single unified platform. Target your in-store visitors in a unique way.

  • If the client receives personalized offers, you will improve their experience and make them more satisfied and faithful.

  • Measure and increase the ROI of every campaign (footfall traffic, sales, loyalty…) Improve the performance of your business easily and drive shoppers to your venues with a real effective multi-channel marketing.

  • By knowing your customers better you will be able to offer them the promotions, offers and discounts that interest them and you will be able to retain them.

Flame Engage tools


Create a hyper-segmented audience in detail. Thanks to Flame it is possible to create logical rules based on different criteria (demographics, behavior, etc.).

Email Campaigns

Create and send email campaigns. With our fully featured built-in design tools you will be able to create elegant emails and surveys. Measure effectiveness beyond opens, clicks and visits.

SMS Campaigns

You can also send segmented campaigns through SMS. Decide shipping dates, locations, audiences and the text to send. Then, measure impact and attribution.


Campaigns can be activated through triggers to be sent when and how it suits us best: engage your visitors a week before their birthday, as soon as they enter or when they leave your venues.


With Flame it is possible to send push campaigns to customers’ mobile phones through beacon technology. Measure how many impressions your campaign got and how many clicks.

Ad Campaigns

Customize the entire onboarding process with specific banners and messages on the captive portal and with landing pages segmented according to gender, age, behavior, etc.


If you want to know your customers´ opinion about the service, attention or facilities of your business, with Flame you can send them a satisfaction survey and then, measure the results.

Integration Api

Flame can be integrated with digital signage devices or mobile applications via SDK to send personalized campaigns.

Engage is your solution…




Shopping malls

gran distribucion

Large Retail

Real Plug & Play

Hire Engage and start sending personalized campaigns to your clients. All this taking advantage of the existing wifi infrastructure and without installing new hardware. Integrate seamlessly with enterprise grade marketing platforms such as Salesforce, HubSpot, MailChimp, etc.


Flame Analytics is the leading BigData and AI platform that helps transform and make physical spaces smarter with its omnichannel digital marketing and analytics tools.