Elevating the Shopping Experience at Intu Xanadú: Flame Analytics’ Digital Transformation

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intu xanadu, Flame client

In the competitive landscape of shopping centers, differentiation and continuous improvement of the customer experience are paramount. Intu Xanadú, one of Spain’s largest shopping destinations, recognized the importance of innovation to stand out in a saturated market. Seeking to provide their visitors with a unique and personalized experience, they decided to partner with Flame Analytics and its advanced WiFi Captive Portal solution integrated with the mall’s app and CRM.

Improving the shopping experience at Intu Xanadú

Challenge for Flame analytics

Before implementing Flame Analytics’ solution, Intu Xanadú faced the challenge of delivering a more engaging and personalized shopping experience. With a large number of daily visitors, the need to understand and cater to individual customer preferences became crucial.

Solution to enhance the shopping experience

Flame Analytics deployed its innovative WiFi Captive Portal at Intu Xanadú, providing visitors with easy access to the shopping center’s WiFi network. This deployment not only improved connectivity for users, but also seamlessly integrated with the mall’s mobile app and its robust customer relationship management (CRM) system, thereby boosting the digital experience and enabling deeper understanding. of customer behavior.

Intu Xanadú centro comercial

Flame WiFi Captive Portal Results

1. Enhanced Connectivity

Visitors at the shopping center enjoyed a markedly enhanced connectivity experience facilitated by Flame Analytics’ WiFi Captive Portal implementation. This has been also integrated seamlessly with the mall’s mobile application and CRM system, offering visitors a more streamlined digital experience. As a result, patrons experienced a significant improvement in their ability to stay connected while navigating the shopping center, contributing to a more positive overall experience during their visit.

2. Real-time Customer Data

The integration with the CRM empowered Intu Xanadú to collect and analyze real-time customer data, encompassing purchase preferences, browsing behaviors, and visit patterns. This rich pool of information offered invaluable insights into customer behavior, enabling the shopping center to tailor personalized offers and promotions effectively. By leveraging this data-driven approach, Intu Xanadú was able to enhance its customer engagement strategies, foster stronger connections with its patrons, and ultimately drive increased sales and loyalty.

3. Personalized Experience

Utilizing the gathered insights, Intu Xanadú was able to curate personalized shopping experiences through its mobile application. By offering exclusive deals, customized discounts, and targeted product recommendations, the shopping center effectively heightened customer satisfaction levels. This tailored approach not only catered to individual preferences but also fostered a stronger sense of engagement and loyalty among shoppers. Through such personalized initiatives, Intu Xanadú succeeded in delivering enhanced value propositions, thereby solidifying its position as a preferred retail destination.

4. Customer Loyalty

The synergy of improved connectivity and personalized experiences at Intu Xanadú fostered increased customer loyalty. As visitors enjoyed smoother connectivity and personalized offers, they felt valued and engaged, leading to a higher rate of repeat business. This customer-centric approach solidified Intu Xanadú’s position as a preferred destination for sustained loyalty.

Intu Xanadú trusts Flame analytics

The collaboration between Intu Xanadú and Flame Analytics proved to be a resounding success in improving the shopping experience. The implementation of the WiFi Captive Portal integrated with the app and CRM not only addressed existing challenges but also paved the way for a more customer-centric approach in the future. This partnership not only strengthened Intu Xanadú’s position as a market leader but also set a new standard in the shopping center industry.



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