Flame Demographics

For demographic profiling more secure and private on the market. A smart cloud solution to gather gender and age information about your customers, easy and completely anonymous

What is Flame Demographics

FLAME Demographics allows gender and age discovering about your customers, by face recognition using artificial intelligence algorithms. Its continuous scanning eases your customer’s demographic profiling, helping customizing your marketing campaigns, segmenting them by profile.

Flame Demographics Features

Gender and age

Approximated gender and age identification.


Statistics comparison on gender, age, locations and daily hours

100% anonymous

100% anonymous and aggregated data without image recording

Artificial Intelligence

Continuous IA analytics.


Integration with Digital Signage systems for content adaptation


Real-time data access available


  • Quick and easy customer segmentation.

  • Eases segmented marketing campaign creation for each segment

  • Facilitates real-time customer ́s experience customization in the point of sales

  • Automated integration with other Flame InStore services: Analytics, Guest WiFi, etc…

Demographics for…




Shopping malls

gran distribucion

Large Retail



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