Covid Guardian

Track all your contacts and prevent the spread of COVID-19

Keep your visitors and your employees safe

What is Covid Guardian

Today our customers safety is more important than ever. It is vital for our business functions that our visitors and customers feel safe, that they enjoy the shopping experience and also that they lose the logical fear of contagion, crowds, etc.

We are facing a new and unknown scenario and new consumer habits. A scenario where re-loyalty to the client is vital. Returning to normality (to what we knew as normal) is complicated, but Covid Guardian will help us in turning this crisis into an opportunity for retail.

With Covid Guardian track all your contacts and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Keep your visitors and your employees safe.

How does Covid Guardian work

  • Easy and secure subscription

    With Covid Guardian, subscription is easy and secure. Contacts can register using their own mobile device. You can offer them multiple log-in options: Wifi portal form, social networks, QR code, etc.

  • Digital record

    Register in a totally secure way your visitors, clients and employees when they get into your premises.

  • Contact tracing

    Streamline contact tracing in the event that your establishment has had an outbreak or one of your customers has been tested positive.

  • Immediate notifications

    Send alerts and notifications in the event that your customers or visitors have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 during their visit to your business.

  • Objective decisions

    Get information about the behavior of your visitors. Find out when they visit you and how long they stay. If you know how your customers and employees react to your communications, you can improve them.

Covid Guardian features


The solution is completely digital. Customers provide their contactless data, through their mobile device (no papers, pens or other physical elements are needed), the first time they get into the premises.


Subsequently, the Covid Guardian tool will identify all these buyers and visitors who have previously registered without leaving their contact information again.


The Covid Guardian solution complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD), storing customer data only for the time necessary to facilitate the tracking of possible positive cases.


Covid Guardian adapts easily to the information collection requirements, which can be modified as the pandemic progresses and the specific needs of each country / region or type of business.


  • Security. We make clients and visitors feel safe and have a carefree visit.

  • Comfort. Covid Guardian facilitates the one-time registration and monitoring process.

  • Fidelity. By feeling safe, we get them to repeat and choose us before our competitors.

  • Engagement. We earn their trust and they enjoy their experience, so we achieve a more profitable business.

Covid Guardian for…




Shopping malls






  • Wifi analytics

    Find out the number of passersby, visits, length of stay, repetition rate, etc. thanks to wifi analytics.

  • Guest Wifi

    To identify and connect with your customers in an agile way.

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