Coronavirus shopping tips to keep you safe at the supermarket

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When we go to the supermarket we come into contact with a high number of people. The more people we encounter, the higher the risk of virus transmission. So, how can we keep safe when going to the shops?

Coronavirus shopping tips

Opt for home delivery

Plan ahead so you don’t have to go to the supermarket often – and opt for home delivery if possible. Put on your mask before you go into the store and use surface cleaning wipes to wipe the trolley or basket handle before you touch it. When queuing, keep a distance of two metres from other people.

Spend as little time in the shop as possible

Try to touch as few things as possible and do not linger for too long in the aisles – especially busy ones. Maintain your distance from others and do not touch your face. It’s fine to ask for help if you need it but try to avoid contact with other people as much as possible.

Keep contact to a minimum

Tills and self-checkouts will both have had lots of people touching them, so these are virus hotspots to avoid. Use contactless payment with a card or phone as much as possible so you don’t have to touch the card machine’s keypad.

Clean your hands

Once you have checked out and left the shop, remove your gloves and dispose of them if you were wearing them. Otherwise, you can wash your hands in the shop toilets or use hand sanitiser with between 60-95% alcohol. Then you can load the shopping in the car and head home.

When you get home, you should give your hands a wash before you unpack the shopping. You can remove outer packaging from some products and dispose of it, though it’s unlikely that the surface of any products will be covered with enough virus to cause an infection.

Put everything away into the fridge, freezer or cupboards and then wash your hands again. If you used your own bags, put these somewhere out of the way ready for the next trip. If you used your phone while out shopping, give it a clean as well.

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