5 Tips on How Location-based Marketing Is Revolutionizing Social Media?

As a result of continuous technological development of various social media platforms, it has become crucial for digital marketers of any advertising agency to develop such effective marketing strategies that can help to utilize social media marketing tools to the fullest. Today, many businesses prefer location based marketing as one of the most effective ways to promote their goods and services to their targeted audience within a short period of time.

Although, a lot of businesses operate remotely and one can be virtually present anywhere anytime, due to various social media applications, however, location marketing can help businesses to find and reach out to their target audience more  effectively and efficiently.

Use of marketing tools in location based marketing

Today, businesses rely on various marketing tools and services to determine customer traffic.  These marketing tools are helpful to locate and understand the nature of consumer traffic. Therefore, businesses can plan effective marketing strategies to promote their products to their target audience. Digital marketers, too have now realized the importance of location marketing and are developing new ways to integrate location marketing into their existing marketing strategies. Therefore, by integrating location marketing in promotional practices, professional marketers can help  revolutionize social media.

Location tracking tools

Location based marketing in social media marketing consists of such location tracking tools that help to identify a particular region and mark out its boundaries revealing most social media updates or other data found online in that region. Through getting a better understanding of the social media activities of consumers in a targeted location, a business can easily develop or customize its marketing activities accordingly.

  • Geofeedia: Geofeedia is one of the most popular location tools used globally. This tool allows you to conduct an analysis, respond and react accordingly through social media on any content and reach out to social media users of a certain geographical location from anywhere across the globe.
  • MomentFeed: MomentFeed is yet another globally recognized and accepted location tool for a business to reach out to its consumers at a certain location. It is ideal for a brand or product that has a strong presence and huge sales nationally. This tool can easily integrate a brand with its consumers within a certain local community. It helps brands customize their marketing strategies according to local activities of consumers on social media.
  • Snaptrends: Snaptrends is also a powerful location tool for businesses to boost their marketing. This tool enables you to analyse online consumer behavior on social media platforms. This helps brands select vital information for their company and customize marketing and promotional campaigns accordingly.

Impact of location based marketing on social media

Such location based marketing also helps digital marketers understand the personal tastes and preferences of the consumers. Also, this has resulted in revolutionizingthe field of social media. Here are 5 tips sharing how this revolution in social media is taking place:

Real time marketing

Today, just from a tweet or facebook comment, it is possible to learn more about your clients through their comments posted on various social media platforms. Businesses can use their Facebook page to attract customers that are in their locality at that time. They can also persuade consumers to buy products if they are present physically in their outlet or store at that time. You can learn the user’s location and what kind of products or services he is looking for through social media. Apart from acquiring basics of potential clients and customers, the collected user data and information can be used to develop effective marketing campaigns especially for reaching targeted audience.

Real time discount coupons

Promotion messages that are customized on the basis of personal preferences, location and demographics of consumers help to create a better relationship between the brands and the customer. Brands can inform their clients and customers about an ongoing sale happening in a nearby retail outlet. Also, through apps downloaded by consumers, they can avail themselves the opportunity of getting discount coupons on their favorite product or service in real time.

Boost in use of social networking platforms

Social networking apps and platforms were mainly used for socializing and communicating with family, friends, relatives or colleagues. Not everyone initially thought such virtual socializing was their cup of tea. But nowadays, to get hold of big savings and discounts on retail stores, many individuals have downloaded various social media apps and have become active social media users.

Introduction of new apps

Location based marketing has also enabled businesses to offer location based services. This has resulted in the launch of several new apps in social media. Through these apps, businesses offer services by locating customers through GPS system. Various commuting and mobility services have started with the launch of particular apps. Also travel bookings, food and merchandise delivery services have been initiated by businesses. Such location based marketing has changed the way social media was used earlier.

The rise of social media influencers

Social media has now been revolutionized by location based marketing. As location based marketing is using celebrities and Youtube influencers to promote their products and services, the value of social media influencers has greatly increased. As a result, this has given rise to the number of social media influencers emerging on social media platforms. They use the social media platforms to show their lifestyle, tastes and opinions as well, increasing the number of social media users as well.

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