Flame visits our American delegation in Miami

This week Flame´s team has visited Miami. We have come to the American continent to close some important commercial agreements and also to visit partners and customers. There we received by our General Manager, Esteban Tognini, who acted as a great host during our entire visit.
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Flame launches integration module with the main marketing platforms of the market

In Flame we premiere 🙂 We present our new integration module with the main marketing platforms of the market. From now on Flame includes integration Add-ons with Mailchimp, Boostcom, TripAdvisor, Twilio and Salesforce, among others.
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Customization comes to Zara and Retail experts give their opinion about this initiative

Customization comes to Zara and Retail experts give their opinion about this initiative. For some: a good idea… For others: it is late and it is not original… In what retail experts do agree is that, nowadays, being unique and different is necessary to add value, improve purchase experience and customers´ loyalty.

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Supermarkets´tricks: cold and hot areas

Psychologist M. Ángeles Molina says (and we agree) that “our behavior as consumers in supermarkets is studied by experts in marketing and psychology.” And this is so because the conclusions are translated into patterns that help supermarkets to organize better and to dispose their products. Read more

Hotel marketing, increasingly personalized thanks to technology

The future of marketing in the hotel sector no doubt involves personalization. In addition, other challenges would have to be added, such as the competitiveness of the sector, digitalization, consumer hyperconnectivity, technological expectations and the extraction of Big Data data in order to know the customer. Read more

Flame consolidates its internationalization process. A Flame delegation visits Mexico

Our international expansion is consolidated. Last week a delegation of Flame analytics was in Mexico to officially present our solution to companies and possible business partners. Read more

Flame expands its international presence and lands in America

Flame has signed a collaboration agreement with the American company Interaxlink for the official opening of a new Flame delegation in America. The headquarters is located in the city of Miami (USA) and has already begun to cover all the  territory´s countries. Read more

como se comunica en rebajas

How to sell more and better on sales

We are in times of sales and is, without a doubt, the best time to sell more in our businesses. Of course, lower prices should not in any way lower the quality of our products or our customer service. Price reductions do not amount to rebates in quality. Today we bring you some tips to take advantage of this time and sell more and better. We hope you find them useful. Happy discounts! Read more

Omnichannel Marketing Agencies. Accompanying your clients in the digital transformation.

The objective of any marketing agency is to give its clients the best service. However, the current scenario is very different from a couple of years ago. Customers today have been digitized and are OMNICHANNEL: they interact with different channels depending on the moment or the device they are using. With this in mind, don´t you think that the time has come for you to help them on the road to digital transformation? don´t you think that it’s time for you to become an Omni-Channel Marketing Agency? If your answer is yes, then read on. Read more