Cash Converters relies on Flame to analyze the behavior of its customers

In addition to knowing the number of visits obtained from each of its 33 own points of sale in a given period of time, Cash Converters is able, thanks to Flame’s solution, to measure the its windows´effectiveness, customers´influx, capture rates, average times of stay  and the their customers´recurrence or loyalty rates.
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5 Tips and Tricks to Attract Customers to the Retail Store

Have you heard the news: email is dying, computers are becoming extinct, and brick-and-mortar retail stores are dying a horrible death? Of course, the reality is way different than the predicted doomsday in the retail sector. Though e-commerce is a giant, customers prefer purchasing from a physical store. The ability to touch, feel, and see the products are the driving factors behind the success of physical retail stores. But how do you attract customers to your store? Here are a few ingenious tips and tricks to do just that. Most of these are down your nose and are often overlooked. Read more

Flame analytics, awarded in the eAwards 2019 as the best solution for sending SMS and email

The eAwards, awarded annually by the company eWorld (editor of the professional magazine of eCommerce and online marketing eShow Magazine) and the fair eShow, have awarded Flame analytics as the best solution for sending SMS and emailing. Read more

Flame in Merchandising Metrics: How can we reduce retail dropout rate?

Our marketing manager, Lucía González, has written a post in Merchandising Metrics´ blog about retail dropout rate and how can we reduce it. Find out how in this post. Read more

Jeff Sward: “The best loyalty is having an emotional connection with the customer”

“Retail these days is about the skillful blending of Probabilities and Possibilities. Probabilities are great when they are available, and still valid. But it is now more important than ever to explore and experiment with Possibilities, the new unknowns and opportunities that are always emerging”. Do not miss our interview with Jeff Sward, CEO & Founding Partner of Merchandising Metrics. Read more

Flame, nominated for the eAwards Madrid 2019

Flame analytics has been nominated for the eAwards Madrid 2019, as the best SMS and email sending solution. Read more

Four trends that will transform retail in 2020

How will retail change next year? How will be it in 2020? What are the trends that will transform retail?
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Michael Zakkour: “We are in the midst of a retail renaissance, not an apocalypse”

Today we speak with Michael Zakkour, VP of Digital Commerce and New Retail at Tompkins International and co-author of the book New Retail: Born in China, Going Global: How China’s Tech Giants are Changing Global CommerceRead more

Alberto Córdoba: on & off In-Store integration

More than twenty attendees listened with great interest to the online seminar that Alberto Córdoba offered in our last webinar. In it, Lukkap´s Director, gave us the keys to take the best of the pure digital players and the best of the brick and mortar ones, so that, thanks to the advantages of both worlds, we can make the leap towards unique experiences, comprehensive and emotional to ensure the differentiation and survival of companies. This is what he told us…
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Offline customer behavior also counts

Many retailers are taking advantage of the benefits of online behavioral targeting. In a nutshell, behavioral targeting is the method that leverages web user navigation and shopping information to activate relevant and personalized messages. That means that, if used in a suitable way, you no longer need to impact all the users with the same ad like if you were shooting them with a submachine gun. Read more