Supermarkets´tricks: cold and hot areas

Psychologist M. Ángeles Molina says (and we agree) that “our behavior as consumers in supermarkets is studied by experts in marketing and psychology.” And this is so because the conclusions are translated into patterns that help supermarkets to organize better and to dispose their products. Read more

como se comunica en rebajas

How to sell more and better on sales

We are in times of sales and is, without a doubt, the best time to sell more in our businesses. Of course, lower prices should not in any way lower the quality of our products or our customer service. Price reductions do not amount to rebates in quality. Today we bring you some tips to take advantage of this time and sell more and better. We hope you find them useful. Happy discounts! Read more

Martech Tools, Physical Context and Omnicanality

When we hear about Martech, unfortunately it is always associated with the online world. We always (myself included) use the “digital marketing” term, let’s say, inadequately. We must get used to the idea of using digital stuff regardless of the channel or even the venue. Just think that you could use a digital channel (an email, for example) to reach someone in a physical venue (typically, a store). Read more

Fontech and Flame Analytics talk WiFi money and digital marketing

Rebecca Moy | November 29th, 2018. The WiFi boom continues, giving way to more opportunities than ever for so-called “digital transformation”.
Read more

How to face the summer at your point of sale

Should we closed a few days for rest?, Should we change the schedules?, Should we lower the prices? … Surely in summer many doubts arise with respect to the management of your point of sale. And, July, August and September are the classic months of the holidays, but they are not relaxing for your point of sale and, therefore, you can not relax. Today at Flame we tell you how a business should face the summer. Read more

Hotel marketing, increasingly personalized thanks to technology

The future of marketing in the hotel sector no doubt involves personalization. In addition, other challenges would have to be added, such as the competitiveness of the sector, digitalization, consumer hyperconnectivity, technological expectations and the extraction of Big Data data in order to know the customer. Read more

5 ideas to take advantage of the database of your Social Wifi

Do you have a database obtained from your company’s Social WiFi but do not know how to use it? Well you should know that these data are pure gold and you can get a lot of thanks to them. Discover in this post how you can take advantage of WiFi Marketing. Read more

Raquel Gascón habla de wifi tracking en momad

Wifi tracking, the best tool for generate loyalty and engagement

This weekend Flame was in MOMAD, in Madrid, talking about the benefits of Wifi tracking, a technology that is the answer and the solution of many retail´s problems. Read more


Hyper-Relevance, the Key to Winning the Digital Consumer

Hyper-Relevance, the Key to Winning the Digital Consumer. The digital consumer has come of age and expects a rich palette of retail experiences that provide ever-increasing value and convenience both in-store and out. Today, Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) released survey findings from 1,240 retail consumers in the U.S. and U.K. that uncover their preferences for Internet of Everything (IoE) enabled retail experiences and provides insight to help retailers capture the new digital consumer through IoE innovations fueled by mobility, video, and analytics. Read more

mapas de calor

Heat maps, the best tool to know how customers behave in your store

Heat maps, the best tool to know how customers behave in your store

“Knowing your customers habits is the key to offer proper products and services for your customers, who are becoming increasingly demanding”.

“Getting this data is really interesting for retailers, who can improve their strategy and design their layout more effectively”. Read more