Mark Garrett: “In online you can avoid that awkward `I’ll think about it´ conversation”

For Mark Garrett, Brick and Mortar retail tradional concep will disappear. Mark is the managing director of Catmandoes Leadership, specialist in ecommerce, retail, transformation seeking interim and consultancy. Read more

Passers-by decreased by 87% #stayathome

The Government has asked us to stay home to end this pandemic. And we have obeyed.  Read more

Flame measures visits for the second year at FITUR

With the help of Unitel-Sistemas de Telecomunicaciones, Flame was successfully installed at the Castilla La Mancha stand at the Madrid International Tourism Fair (Fitur) for the second year. Thanks to Flame, it was possible to count the influx of visitors, who visited the stand for the first time, those who repeated and the time they remained there.
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80% of retail experts talk about a significant decrease in store traffic due to Coronavirus

How are consumers acting worldwide? Which industries are the most affected? We have asked professionals in the sector how the virus is affecting retail and the vast majority speak of a significant decrease in traffic in physical stores. The panic of physical contact is causing “some fear and paralysis in the consumer” that, according to experts, chooses to stay at home and make purchases over the Internet. For a good part of the retail professionals who have participated in this survey, disinformation is an issue that concerns them and asks the population to remain calm and to be well informed of the situation through official sources.
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Rachel Williamson: “If you are in retail, you must become a student of your customer”

For Rachel Williamson, the act of “going shopping with friends, family or even by yourself is ingrained in our culture”. Today we speak with the Founder and President of Running Great Stores, a Retail Consultancy firm focused on Brick and Mortar Store Operations.  Read more

Pompeii: Use of Big Data in the retail sector

Pompeii evaluated Flame’s value proposition because he wanted to know and better understand their clients´behavior: how they interact at the points of sale and how they behave. Pompeii wanted to anticipate their customers´demands in order to serve them better, boost sales and generate loyalty, increasing the engagement towards their brand.
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Ian Golding: “Turning a shopping destination into an experience destination is vital”

Today we speak with Ian Golding, Global Customer Experience Specialist and Ambassador of the Customer Experience Professionals Association. Certified CX leader, international speaker, columnist and writer Ian has over 20 years as a CX professional, teaching the Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) and author of the book: Customer What?, The Honest and Practical Guide to Customer Experience.

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Influencer Marketing in Retail: Is it right for your brand?

Influencer Marketing is becoming one of the most valuable tools for a marketer. When done well, working with influencers can help with boosting awareness, connecting with customers and, ultimately, driving sales. Read more

Cuatro Caminos: A personalized and customized experience

Cuatro Caminos has had Flame’s big data and analytical marketing and intelligence solution that it has implemented in its shopping center in A Coruña. With this project, Cuatro Caminos sets in motion a digital transformation strategy with a data driven approach with which it seeks to improve the customer visit experience by interacting with them in a personalized way.
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Flame launches integration module with the main marketing platforms of the market

In Flame we premiere 🙂 We present our new integration module with the main marketing platforms of the market. From now on Flame includes integration Add-ons with Mailchimp, Boostcom, TripAdvisor, Twilio and Salesforce, among others.
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