6 Marketing Ideas for Your Retail Store to Use in 2020

What exactly is it that differentiates the most successful brands and businesses in the world from the less successful ones? It’s simple – marketing. Not just any marketing, but good marketing. The truth is that marketing, if done correctly, has the potential to increase your profit by tens of thousands. Read more

Understand its customers´ wishes, the basis for the success of Esplore Restaurants

The Ilunion Group, owner of Esplore restaurants, was looking for ways to obtain data that would support the success of their businesses, reliable data that would help them make better decisions and carry out the best strategies to adapt their offers to preferences and tastes of their customers
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Las Chafiras: Big Data + Indoor location to discover the potential of their points of sale

How is the traffic flow of my stores? What paths do my clients follow? How do they access, how do they interact and how do they leave my point of sale? Las Chafiras stores already have the answer to these and many other questions thanks to the analytics provided by Flame.
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Effective Customer Engagement Strategies

Want to know your biggest asset? Engaged customers. We are living in the world, that is constantly active, and the customers expect brands to respond and resolve their issues or meet their needs in real-time, nobody likes to wait. It ensures the boundary between customer service and advertising is thinner and thinner for marketers. The customer experience involves so much more than just the sales process, hearing, answering questions, solving problems and feeling connected to the brand. Any reputable social media agency can be hired to make more effective strategies to achieve goals professionally for their professional services. Brands need to think about customer engagement in addition to branding and customer service. Read more

Plaza Eboli: Reinventing mall´s proximity marketing

Plaza Éboli´s Marketing team already launches tailored campaigns in an agile and simple way to its customers. Thanks to Flame, it has begun to create hypersegmented audiences by demographic, geographic and behavioral data to which it sends personalized communications. Then, it is possible to measure its effectiveness, attribution and impact.
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5 tips to create a successful captive portal

Get more leads, and trust them as soon as they enter your point of sale. Read more

Flame in Ansgar John / Sinaas´Blog: Wifi Marketing, the key to sell more

Our marketing manager, Lucía González, has written a post in Ansgar John / Sinaas´Blog about Wifi MarketingRead more

5 Tips on How Location-based Marketing Is Revolutionizing Social Media?

As a result of continuous technological development of various social media platforms, it has become crucial for digital marketers of any advertising agency to develop such effective marketing strategies that can help to utilize social media marketing tools to the fullest. Today, many businesses prefer location based marketing as one of the most effective ways to promote their goods and services to their targeted audience within a short period of time. Read more

Ansgar John B: “Artificial Intelligence will change retail between now and 2030”

Today we speak with Ansgar John Brenninkmeijer, CEO of Value Machines. Read more

Cash Converters relies on Flame to analyze the behavior of its customers

In addition to knowing the number of visits obtained from each of its 33 own points of sale in a given period of time, Cash Converters is able, thanks to Flame’s solution, to measure the its windows´effectiveness, customers´influx, capture rates, average times of stay  and the their customers´recurrence or loyalty rates.
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