Omnichannel Marketing Agencies. Accompanying your clients in the digital transformation.

The objective of any marketing agency is to give its clients the best service. However, the current scenario is very different from a couple of years ago. Customers today have been digitized and are OMNICHANNEL: they interact with different channels depending on the moment or the device they are using. With this in mind, don´t you think that the time has come for you to help them on the road to digital transformation? don´t you think that it’s time for you to become an Omni-Channel Marketing Agency? If your answer is yes, then read on. Read more

Martech Tools, Physical Context and Omnicanality

When we hear about Martech, unfortunately it is always associated with the online world. We always (myself included) use the “digital marketing” term, let’s say, inadequately. We must get used to the idea of using digital stuff regardless of the channel or even the venue. Just think that you could use a digital channel (an email, for example) to reach someone in a physical venue (typically, a store). Read more

Raquel Gascón habla de wifi tracking en momad

Wifi tracking, the best tool for generate loyalty and engagement

This weekend Flame was in MOMAD, in Madrid, talking about the benefits of Wifi tracking, a technology that is the answer and the solution of many retail´s problems. Read more

mapas de calor

Heat maps, the best tool to know how customers behave in your store

Heat maps, the best tool to know how customers behave in your store

“Knowing your customers habits is the key to offer proper products and services for your customers, who are becoming increasingly demanding”.

“Getting this data is really interesting for retailers, who can improve their strategy and design their layout more effectively”. Read more

comportamiento cliente

“Relationships are built only in one way: face to face. That is human nature like and so must be the retail “

“The secret to success is to anticipate customer needs, to know what they needs even before they know”

They call him the father of the Apple Stores , who created the concept of those iconic stores that people like so much. We recovered an interview that the Harvard Business Review did to Ron Johnson shortly after leaving Apple after eleven years as vice president and head of retail operations Read more

Buyer Journey

The retail transforms. New trends for 2014

The retail transforms. New trends for 2014. Heat maps reach the retail world and make tackles . Merchants increasingly want to know more about how customers behave , how they move … Read more

mapas de calor

Heat maps, the latest for your customers

Heat maps, the latest for your customers. As well known to those skilled in Marketing, today , know well the user has become one of the top when it comes to loyalty and retain customers. Something increasingly important for companies that have to excel in a very competitive landscape. And if you know your customers and their tastes, he and you go out benefit. Read more


What is shop in shop in retail?

What is shop in shop in retail?

The “shop-in-shop” retail concept is where a brand owner or retailer takes space in another retailer’s store and fits it out to provide selling space dedicated to that secondary company’s products. Read more