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In this section we invite experts in retail to write articles of interest in our blog. There are many who have already passed through this section sharing their knowledge with our readers: experts in decoration, retail consulting, visual merchandising, sales, etc. In their posts they analyze the sector, they give us advice, they talk about trends and news, etc.

Offline customer behavior also counts

Many retailers are taking advantage of the benefits of online behavioral targeting. In a nutshell, behavioral targeting is the method that leverages web user navigation and shopping information to activate relevant and personalized messages. That means that, if used in a suitable way, you no longer need to impact all the users with the same ad like if you were shooting them with a submachine gun. Read more

8 Tips to Be Successful in HR Career in Large Businesses

The HR career is one of the most stable and with the best market. This is a key sector for companies that always need competent professionals capable of performing their duties with efficiency and precision in the department. In order to succeed in the area of   human resources, it is important to comply with indispensable requirements. These Qualities of HR in Business Management help to develop in the area, becoming a qualified professional and able to act. This post will bring the top 8 tips to anyone who wants to succeed working in the HR business of large companies. Check out!

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Martech Tools, Physical Context and Omnicanality

When we hear about Martech, unfortunately it is always associated with the online world. We always (myself included) use the “digital marketing” term, let’s say, inadequately. We must get used to the idea of using digital stuff regardless of the channel or even the venue. Just think that you could use a digital channel (an email, for example) to reach someone in a physical venue (typically, a store). Read more