Plaza Eboli: Reinventing mall´s proximity marketing

Plaza Éboli´s Marketing team already launches tailored campaigns in an agile and simple way to its customers. Thanks to Flame, it has begun to create hypersegmented audiences by demographic, geographic and behavioral data to which it sends personalized communications. Then, it is possible to measure its effectiveness, attribution and impact.

With Flame, Plaza Éboli has begun to conduct better segmented and more accurate marketing campaigns, directing messages (promotions, offers and discounts) to the public that is interested at the right time (when they enter the mall, when they leave, on his birthday, etc.). With this, Plaza Éboli has managed to build customer loyalty, increase return on investment (ROI) and improve business performance.

Likewise, Plaza Éboli has promoted the massive collection of visitor data –BIG DATA– (data about traffic, passers-by, visits, capture rate, average times of stay, repetition rate or fidelity, etc.) that the mall manages and analyzes optimally thanks to Flame.