Las Chafiras: Big Data + Indoor location to discover the potential of their points of sale

How is the traffic flow of my stores? What paths do my clients follow? How do they access, how do they interact and how do they leave my point of sale? Las Chafiras stores already have the answer to these and many other questions thanks to the analytics provided by Flame.

Now they are able to measure the customers´ journey from the moment the they enter the point of sale and visit it until the purchase process, also knowing the most common trajectories, visits made to each area, time spent in each zone and Conversion per area and category.

By being able to measure the traffic by areas, Las Chafiras stores have figured out how to use each of them, thus being able to design more optimal layouts and to improve the shopping experience. Also, by knowing the circulation patterns, they can now offer the customer what they like and what they need, improving their engagement and increasing their loyalty.