Cash Converters relies on Flame to analyze the behavior of its customers

In addition to knowing the number of visits obtained from each of its 33 own points of sale in a given period of time, Cash Converters is able, thanks to Flame’s solution, to measure the its windows´effectiveness, customers´influx, capture rates, average times of stay  and the their customers´recurrence or loyalty rates.

This client´s knowledge that provides the analytics, together with the Guest Wifi technology that thousands of users have already made use of at their points of sale and from which valuable sociodemographic data of customers have been obtained, make Cash Converters can send campaigns well segmented, targeted and accurate marketing.

In addition, thanks to the integration of Flame Guest WiFi functionality with Sales Force, it will be possible to streamline relationships with their customers. Now Cash Converters incorporates a new tool that helps to manage in an orderly and centralized way the interactions with them, thus being able to activate opportunities that were believed to be lost or not sufficiently identified, and getting customers to return more frequently to the points of sale. In short, the objectives of more added value are to exploit the contact data and grow the CRM, generating a large number of leads and increasing its database.