Omnichannel Marketing

Discover our fully integrated email marketing solution
Measure your campaigns impact and attribution
Increase the CTR and attract more traffic

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

Discover Flame´s Fully integrated email marketing solutions. With Flame you can personalize your email marketing campaigns. Get your customers feedback with our Surveys. Create real time campaigns and event promotions. Send hyper-targeted email, sms, marketing, and event promotions. Measure campaigns impact and attribution. The LBM module includes integration plugins with Mailchimp, Boostcom, TripAdvisor, Twilio and Salesforce, among others.

How does Omnichannel Marketing work?

Create an audience

Create a hypersegmented audience in detail. Thanks to Flame it is possible to create logical rules based on different criteria (demographics, behavior, etc.)

Create the campaign

We have many predesigned templates to streamline the creation of campaigns. Our editor is very intuitive and allows you to add texts, images, links, etc.

Launch the campaign

Launch it through email, SMS, beacons or adverts in the captive portal. Decide, with Triggered campaigns, when and how the campaign is activated.

Measure campaigns impact

Measure your campaign impact to achieve its real effectiveness and its attribution to have a deeper knowledge of your customers’ behavior.

Make effective remarketing

Make remarketing by exporting contacts with attributes and launching new campaigns.


Measure and improve your offline campaigns, increase the CTR and attract more traffic to your point of sale.

Pinpoint your exact audience

Create a highly targeted user lists (gender, age, location, etc.) to send them emails or SMS.

Get customer feedback

Send surveys and get their feedback and opinions. Surveys are super effective for retarget visitors and learn about your customers.

Close marketing loop (remarketing)

Learn about the contacts that have visited your store and export them to carry out a new remarketing campaign. Maximize ROI.


Integrate identified visitors into your existing marketing strategies.  Integrations with Mailchimp, Boostcom, TripAdvisor, Twilio and Salesforce.

Create content

Use our intuitive editor. You can add texts, images, links… Also, we offer a wide variety of predesigned templates.

ROI for digital ads

Measure campaign attribution. Discover how many visits are coming from the campaign audience.

Omnichannel Marketing benefits

Improve your campaigns

Start to carry out well segmented campaigns, directed and accurate. Direct your messages to the public that is interested.

Achieve loyalty

By knowing your customers better you can offer them the promotions, offers and discounts that interest them and you will achieve loyalty.

Increase your sales

Increase your ROI, improve your business performance in a simple way and you will see how your sales grow!

Measure and improve

Start measuring and monitoring with the most complete and powerful analytics tool: Discover impact, attribution and performance by locations.

More contacts

Generate new leads and potential clients and connect with them as you have never done before. You will get a high-quality database.

Make remarketing

By measuring your campaigns success you can launch new and successful remarketing campaigns.

Do you want to see Flame in action?

Flame Analytics is the leading BigData and AI platform that helps transform and make physical spaces smarter with its omnichannel digital marketing and analytics tools.