Webinars – Shopping Centers

At Flame Analytics, we enjoy connecting with you and discussing not only our solutions and their benefits for your business but also all the latest developments and innovations related to technology applied to physical spaces, such as shopping centers. For this reason, we regularly organize thematic webinars around this sector.

In these online events, one of the Flame team members or an expert professional will discuss these innovations, industry trends, and provide tips to improve the results of shopping centers.

Don’t miss any of our webinars! We are confident that you will find them very interesting.

Furthermore, if you register for the events, you will receive all materials related to each theme, allowing you to review the information covered and ask us any questions that may arise.

What do we discuss in our webinars for shopping centers?

If you’re interested in our webinars, you’ll learn, for example, how to create and launch marketing campaigns in your shopping center or what techniques you can use to better understand your customers and optimize center management.

We will also discuss the most effective marketing campaigns or use cases for proximity-based digital marketing. Learn about technology applied to shopping centers with webinars related to big data and engagement marketing.

Discover the key performance indicators (KPIs) you should consider in your shopping center to ensure that your actions are achieving the expected results and optimize your resources based on the information obtained.

You can learn about all this and more in Flame Analytics’ webinars on the shopping center sector. Connect to our live events and interact with us!

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Flame Whitepapers

Download free whitepapers about the world of retail, shopping malls, hotels, etc. Technological trends, good practices and much more.

In our whitepapers you will find information of interest, analyzed in depth. Documents with a current theme, corroborated by experts, with exhaustive data and an in-depth analysis of the retail sector, shopping centers or the Horeca sector. Download them now!