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Success Stories – Retail

At Flame Analytics, we are experts in retail software. In this section, you will find some of the companies in the retail sector that have trusted us to carry out analytics or proximity marketing processes in their points of sale.

Some of the clients you can see in this section have opted for the Traffic product, allowing them to successfully and accurately measure foot traffic in their stores in real-time: visits by locations, floors, and zones; capacity and exterior traffic. Thanks to Flame, these companies are already making better decisions based on objective data.

Success stories in retail marketing

Other clients have chosen the Customer Journey product, enabling them to obtain a complete view of how visitors move within their points of sale. These companies analyze conversion (average sale, conversion rate, etc.), dwell times, real-time queue analysis, know the loyalty or repeat ratio of their customers, and segment their customers by demographic data.

Finally, there are clients who have opted for the Engage product, a solution designed to connect with visitors in the retail sector, obtain their contact information, and send them personalized campaigns based on their interests, gender, age, or behavior. These companies are already taking their marketing to the next level and gaining a more loyal and engaged customer base.

Cash Converters, El Corte Inglés, IKEA, Havaianas, or Alain Afflelou are just a few of the retailers who have trusted Flame Analytics to improve their business processes. This improvement primarily impacts the Marketing, Operations, and Visual Merchandising departments.

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Transforming the Experience at Moritz Store: A Success Story of Flame Analytics in Footfall Analytics

Flame helps you to measure traffic at all touch points: passers-by, venue’s visits, floors, zones and much more. Consistently build conversion funnels and benchmark different venues to get to know hidden best practices while enhancing staff planning.

Traffic solution at Moritz Store


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