Brick And Mortar Marketing – 5 Tactics You Should Always Apply To Your Strategy

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Brick and Mortar Marketing - Ashlie Lopez

The prevalence of the internet has changed the landscape of business and how it is conducted. Most marketing is now conducted online as more and more people prefer buying products and services in the comfort of their own home. This has led to many people claiming that brick-and-mortar stores, i.e., physical stores, as becoming obsolete. While e-commerce and online prevalence have affected them , it does not mean that these traditional stories are doomed to fail.

In fact, the internet has introduced some great opportunities for brick-and-mortar stores to market online for foot traffic within their physical stores. Such store owners must consider various online and modern offline tactics to market their stores and help them to stand out against the competition. Doing so will not only help these physical stores survive, but can also help them thrive. After all, many customers still prefer the old-fashioned way of shopping, regardless of the circumstances. But what tactics should store owners apply to their strategy? We will discuss exactly that in the following article.

1. Digital Signage

Outdoor signage has long been used by storefronts to attract attention from passersby. Generally, these visual displays are printed with various designs, texts, and information to help attract customers. However, not all stores use outdoor digital signage, which can take your signage to the next level.

Digital signage stands out much more than regular signs, especially at night. As a result, passersby will be more likely to visit your store than your competition nearby. Additionally, digital signage provides options for showcasing multiple graphics, and this variety can be more enticing. For example, you can show promotions, sales, and new products on the same digital sign.

2. Local SEO

SEO is fantastic for online stores as it helps their website appear at the top of search results. However, an aspect of SEO known as local SEO can be an excellent source of traffic, brand recognition, and marketing for physical stores. Local SEO helps highlight businesses for searchers based on the areas around them.

Consider if you have a donut shop. A searcher could search for donut sellers in the area, and if you have optimised your site for local SEO, then your physical address, website, and other details will appear in the results and listings. This way, the searcher will then be able to visit your store, meaning more traffic through local SEO.

3. Social Media Ads

Social media has undoubtedly helped connect the world and removed borders when forming personal and business relationships. Similarly, it provides excellent options for physical stores and brands to spread the word about themselves. One valuable option is location-based advertising on Instagram and Facebook, showing ads about your store to those in close vicinity.

These ads can be highly effective for you as they can target the audience you鈥檙e interested in. For example, if you advertise promotions through ads with good pictures of your products, this will entice nearby customers, who may be more likely to buy on impulse.

4. Participate in the local community

One primary reason why people prefer to go to local stores is the personal connection and service that they get from them. They feel a bond with these family-owned stores that are part of their community. You can also establish this connection with the community by participating in local events and activities.

For example, if you sell food or clothes, you could set up a promotional stall at local fairs and sell your products for good value. Similarly, you can give away free samples of new products when you launch them to passersby, or sponsor an event, like a charity, where you give away a certain percentage of your sales. This way, you can establish your brand in the area, and you will be able to get more customers and sales.

5. Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs usually involve customers accumulating points based on the amount of money they spend with your store. They can win prizes, obtain gift cards, and receive credit or special promotions with these points. Such financial incentives ensure that customers continue to do business with your store over others.

Many loyalty programs tend to have physical cards or apps they have to bring to the store to obtain their points. This will entice potential customers to do business with your store while ensuring that established customers continue to come.

To conclude, whilst the internet has changed how business is conducted, with e-commerce on the rise, this does not mean brick-and-mortar stores have become obsolete. It is an opportunity to help store owners improve sales and foot traffic. Digital signage is a good way of enhancing the old-school method of using outdoor signage to entice passersby. Local SEO allows your store to appear in local search results and listings. Social media ads tend to be location-based, allowing you to market to users in the area. Participate in the local community to establish a connection with people, and they will be more likely to do business with you. Offer loyalty programs that give customers financial incentives, and they will be more likely to come to your physical store for products.

We hope this article proves inspirational and helps you market your brick-and-mortar store. Thank you for reading!



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