Asset Tracking

The best way to monitor and inventory assets

What is Asset tracking

The solution for those companies that do not have a clear (geolocated) identification of their assets. A simple tool capable of supplying location information in real time. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and to mistakes that also mean lost profits. With Flame you will know exactly where all your assets are at any time, reducing the risk of theft and being able to carry out complete audits and reports in a matter of minutes. Analyze the life cycle of the asset and improve your multi-channel strategy.

Asset tracking features

Control and registration in real time

Control and real-time recording of all movements and associated operational tasks.

Eliminate unproductive work

Eliminate unproductive work that does not add value to the product.


Location and global and detailed vision of your location at every moment.


Alerts for dates, lots or other KPIs specific to your business.


  • Identify and locate quickly, easily and clearly all the assets of your company in real time.

  • Reduces theft risks and conducts comprehensive audits and reports in minutes.

  • Controls the assets´ storage. Know their use and status to control their storage cycle.

  • Optimizes all the tasks involved in the assets´ inventory process, workflows, etc. and improve your multi-channel strategy.

Asset tracking for…




Shopping malls


University campus




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