Asset Tracking

The best way to monitor and inventory assets

What is Asset Tracking

The solution for those companies that do not have a clear (geolocated) identification of their assets. A simple tool capable of providing location information in real time. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and say goodbye to errors that also lead to lost profits. With Flame you will know exactly where all your assets are at any time, reducing the risk of theft and being able to carry out complete audits and reports in a matter of minutes. Analyze the life cycle of the asset and improve your multichannel strategy.


Real-time monitoring and recording

Real-time control and recording of all movements and associated operational tasks.

Eliminate unproductive work

Eliminate unproductive work that does not add value to the product.


Location and global and detailed view of your location at all times.


Alerts by dates, batches or other KPIs specific to your business.


  • Quickly, easily and clearly identify and locate all your company’s assets in real time.

  • Reduce the risk of theft and complete audits and reports in minutes.

  • Controls the storage cycle of the assets. Know their use and status to control their storage cycle.

  • Optimize all the tasks involved in the asset inventory process, workflows, etc. and improve your multichannel strategy.