7 Retail Marketing Strategies to Help You Get New Customers — and Keep Existing Ones

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Marketing is not as easy or straightforward as it used to be, and simply putting a sign on the street and waiting for customers won’t help your business compete with online retailers. Retail marketers need new tactics in order to get their products seen by more people, generate revenue, and keep existing customers happy. Now, instead of physical signage on the street, businesses employ digital signage that can be updated in real time. Engaging with current technologies will help your business remain relevant.

Ensure that when your business employs any new marketing strategies that the appropriate metrics are in place. Measure what works and what doesn’t by reviewing company objectives. To help your business attract new customers and keep current ones interested, consider implementing one or more of these seven marketing strategies.

Emphasize customer service

Did you know that 86% of buyers will consider paying more if they get a great customer experience? Train staff on how to be polite and respectful in digital communication and over the phone. Be more responsive to customer inquiries and complaints by offering a feedback option on your website or an email address that is monitored regularly.

If you have social media profiles linked with your site, respond as soon as possible when someone leaves a comment there. Responding quickly can make all the difference for customers’ perceptions of how well run your business is. In addition, it’s also important to have staff members who are trained in customer service make themselves available at all times so you can address any complaints as soon as possible.

Offer discounts

Discounts are great for increasing sales and getting new customers into your store. The trick is to not offer too many discounts. Offering one or two for a limited time period works well. If your store is always advertising similar discounts on all merchandise, the sale can seem disingenuous.

If you offer an in-store credit card, be sure to promote it on your website and social media accounts. Customers may want to take advantage of the rewards they receive for shopping with their store credit card but aren’t aware of what perks are available.

Use social media

Social media can help drive traffic to your business by advertising promotions or products on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other sites. Start with a few networks, then add others as your audience grows. You can use hashtags to find other users and conversations related to topics you’re interested in.

Post content that is appropriate for the social media channel, whether it’s photos on Instagram or videos on YouTube. Social media can help drive traffic to your business by advertising promotions or products on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other sites. When choosing which channels work best for you consider what type of content will resonate well there: pictures vs. text posts; status updates vs. Facebook Live videos? Make sure you are monitoring how effective your strategy is to know where to target.

Give out free samples

This will give potential buyers a chance to try before they buy while also increasing the likelihood that they’ll buy. Giving out free examples can help you keep existing customers by inspiring loyalty. This will also introduce loyal customers to new products that your store offers and help increase sales. For example, instead of customers having to risk trying out a new vape juice flavor, you will mitigate that risk by offering it to them to try free of charge.

Use content marketing to create value for consumers

To attract new customers, it’s important to provide them with valuable information that they can’t find elsewhere. This could include educational webinars on topics like how-to videos on repairing their car or cooking delicious dishes from scratch. Content marketing helps build trust with potential buyers because it improves customer value management and provides them with insider tips that they can only get through your company.

Create an email newsletter

Email newsletters provide timely updates on your latest products and new arrivals. They help keep potential buyers in the loop about what you are doing with your company, which will hopefully lead to a purchase decision at some point.

Your email list is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your customers. It’s also a good way to communicate promotions and deals, offer exclusive discounts or perks for subscribing, and even get feedback on new products. And while it may sound like you have to do a lot just to create an email newsletter template, you don’t! There are tons of templates out there that can be customized as needed.

Launch an advertising campaign

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are great places to start advertising because they have such a wide reach. Ads are also affordable if done properly.

Advertising campaigns and promotional materials are your opportunity to reach many new customers at once. Brainstorm with your team about what methods seem most appropriate for your business! While your team might not be able to meet in person, you can discuss with video conferencing. Advertising campaigns are a great way to get the word out about specials, discounts, or other products you offer.

Make sure that all of your advertising has a consistent theme so potential buyers know they will be getting something of quality from you. You can use images with captions explaining what the campaign offers in order to create an eye-catching ad for print media such as flyers or posters.

You want your marketing materials to be eye catching, so make sure all of it is bright and colorful with contrasting colors. Most importantly, you should use high-resolution images that will print well on whatever paper you choose for flyers and posters. Keep text concise but informative; this way people won’t have any trouble reading it from a distance.

Previous customers who have not purchased in a while are the best ones to reach out to. Show them what they’re missing and try giving away promotional products or discount coupons in order to draw their interest back in.



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