7 Hacks for Engagement Customers

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7 Hacks for Engagement Customers

The main task of any business is to increase and attract the number of new customers and retain the regular ones. Everything is effortless: there are consumers for the specific product—the business has active sales, profits grow, and the business thrives. And if there are no consumers for the product—no sales and, consequently, no income and conditions for the business development.

It is necessary to attract the client’s attention—to make an offer from which he/she will not be able to refuse. To do this, firstly, you must identify the customers’ needs and expectations. In this article, we will make a list of the top techniques required for increasing customer engagement.

1.   Loyalty Program

A loyalty program is a system of bonuses and discounts for regular customers. Loyalty programs can be very simple, such as getting points per purchase, or complex—dynamic, with increasing discounts and exclusive offers. It’s worth noting that both options work to attract and retain customers.

A good loyalty program will help make the customer experience as positive as possible, and customers themselves will want to talk about your product or service.

Actively support the program: test new promotions like posting the best essays about your business on popular, thematic-related websites, collect feedback and analyze customer behavior and competitor performance.

2.   Building relationships with customers

Building the right relationship between the firm and its potential customers is just as important as selling the product. It happens that even a small consultation on an issue with the buyer grows into a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. You should not look at customers only as buyers. You need to see them as full-fledged partners— then, many things will change for the better regarding your business.

Naturally, the company wants, first, to sell a product or service, but, in addition, it is significant to give the client truthful data about your products. For example, at the writing service Trust My Paper you can find only relevant information regarding their services, duration of task execution, prices, and so on. Thanks to this, you will be open and honest in front of the buyer, and such a position will be highly appreciated by your consumers.

When communicating, it is desirable not to overdo it. Do not exaggerate the benefits of the product or the benefits of the purchase, because sooner or later the customer will figure out your tricks. Be honest with your customers and give them a real guarantee of results, so that they get a response in the form of a repeat purchase.

3.   Quality of service

A high-level service is an important tool in attracting new clients. It’s hard to argue that people like comfort, and a friendly attitude from the staff of the company they come to. Start small, and offer your customers guest Wi-Fi for free, for instance

For example, a client came to your restaurant and wanted to order a banquet and bring you profit, and the waiter was rude to the client. Will the customer stay after that? Will the customer order anything else from you? With a high probability, no! That’s why it is so important to constantly improve the level of service, it applies to both the service sector and sales of various consumer products.

The staff should not only be competent in matters relating to the company’s activities, but also polite, friendly, smiling, and helpful in solving various problems of a potential client.

4.   Sales and discounts

Many products have a fairly high cost. With little purchasing power, it is problematic to make such purchases properly. For example, let us say expensive equipment. Sales managers help customers understand the value of an expensive purchase. Therefore, it is worth organizing product-related public events and actively disseminating big data about them. As a rule, it significantly increases the quality of the customer journey funnel, and therefore generates more revenue. You should also track the ROI indicator to know whether your marketing investment is worth it. For example, software companies assess this indicator like ROI Artificial Intelligence to find out if this innovation suits their company budget.

No one will refuse to buy something at a discount. The chances of selling increase with the reduction of the price of goods. People only need good insights into their benefits.

5.   Exhibitions and events

Participate in specialized exhibitions and events, which is a great benefit if compared to the digital marketing strategy. This way you immediately get customers interested, and at the same time, you can show your product value instantly.

Let’s look at some examples:

  • If you’re selling food, you can put a food truck at a stadium or other public event;
  • If you sell pet food, you can attend animal shows and do charity work for shelters;
  • If you sell athletic apparel or accessories, you can visit nearby fitness clubs;
  • Even if you sell balloons, you can look for a site in a park for the weekend.

You just need to know who your end client is and what he/she wants and expects from your services.

6.   Billboards

Outdoor advertising is a very effective way to attract customers. However, it is necessary to choose the right location and design the advertisement. In this case, the billboard will remind people about your business’s existence and give information about its physical location.

You need to put the exact details of how the customer can find the sales location of your products or services. Bright pictures of products, indicating discounts and promotions, work well. You should place only such information on the poster, which is sure to arouse the interest of a potential customer.

7.   Using coupons and flyers

The idea is that when a person receives a leaflet with your information, he/she can take advantage of this trade offer on special terms more favorable to him. It is also important to create an attractive design for the material handed out, the main task of which is not to be thrown out in the first trash can but to keep customers’ attention.

For example, you promote passenger transportation. Promoters hand out cards with a free ride right on the city streets. However, the free ride is available only for the first time. Repeated calls to your cab service should cost the customer a little less than usual. To activate the discount, the passenger must tell the number of his or her discount card when calling a cab. Thus, attracted by the flier, customers continue to use your services.

It is worth considering the location analytics of the promoters and choosing the right place to hand out flyers.


Attracting clients is a complex, multistep task that definitely requires a professional approach to each client. You have to invest much effort, and money, and make the buying process convenient for the consumers. And only the businesses that successfully establish a mechanism for finding customers will succeed in the area. Constant analysis of the work—both the management and the staff of the company—helps to detect mistakes and take measures to correct them in a timely manner.

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