5 Retail Tech Solutions Keeping Shoppers Safe During Covid-19

Written by Flame

The threat of coronavirus is changing the way retailers handle in-store traffic, with many stores limiting the number of shoppers who can be inside at any one time. With social distancing guidelines constantly in flux, retailers are turning to location technology and machine learning to help make shopping safer for both customers and employees.

Beacons, sensors, security cameras, and touchless payment solutions are all being used in ways they haven鈥檛 been before. Technology vendors are even changing up their offerings, or in some cases pivoting altogether, to better serve the retail market during this ongoing pandemic.

Here are five examples of technology providers offering innovative solutions for enhanced social distancing and improved shopper safety during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Covid Guardian

Today our customers safety is more important than ever. It is vital for our business functions that our visitors and customers feel safe, that they enjoy the shopping experience and also that they lose the logical fear of contagion, crowds, etc. We are facing a new and unknown scenario and new consumer habits. A scenario where re-loyalty to the client is vital. Returning to normality (to what we knew as normal) is complicated, but Covid Guardian will help us in turning this crisis into an opportunity for retail. With Covid Guardian track all your contacts and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Keep your visitors and your employees safe.

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