5 ideas to take advantage of the database of your Social Wifi

Written by Flame

Do you have a database obtained from your company’s Social WiFi but do not know how to use it? Well you should know that these data are pure gold and you can get a lot of thanks to them. Discover in this post how you can take advantage of WiFi Marketing.

You already know that thanks to the Social Wifi you get a database with a lot of information from your clients: their names and surnames, their gender and age, their email and their phone, etc. An information of great value in the face of your marketing campaigns, announcements, newsletters, promotions, etc. Up to here all clear. But you have to think that, just as it is a privilege for you to have that data, the people who are on the list should also feel privileged to be in it. That is, those people in your database should not be like other customers, but should have a particular privileges. Therefore, very important! Never use the list incorrectly, as this could throw all the work and effort overboard. He thinks that the importance of the database emanates precisely from the possibility of segmentation that it offers. A segmentation that allows you to be more precise when offering your services according to the priorities and characteristics of your audience. That said … To the point! we are going to give you some tips with which you will be able to take advantage of your database:

1-Are there any influencers in your business? Today there are people, the so-called “influencers, who generate trends and, if you manage to talk about yourself, they can make your establishment fill up. Take a look at your database and look at the people who have many friends on Facebook. Maybe you can get in touch with them and give them an exclusive invitation (a gift, a discount, etc.) in exchange for talking about you in their networks and recommending them.

2-What is the age of your target ?, and their tastes? Depending on the age of your clientele you will have to make some communications or others. It is not communicated the same to a group of teenagers and a group of retirees, it is obvious. For this reason, it is important that you have these data and thus be able to adapt the types of actions and offer discounts or promotions to who really interests you.

3-Reward the loyal customer Thanks to the Wifi you can know which people are more faithful (who visit you more). Why do not you reward your loyalty with invitations or discounts? They will gladly accept and recommend you in their social networks.

4-Congratulate the birthday We are all years old and we all like that they remember us in our day. You can offer a promotion or a special gift to the birthday boy, but you can go further: you can offer him the possibility of celebrating his birthday at your place and thus encourage consumption in your business. You will multiply your benefits.

5-Make calls to action taking into account events (date and time) You have to take into account the external factors that surround the business (for example, if you have a bar you influence the World Cup) and also internal factors. Think that many times the client who will come to your business influenced by the calendar (buy clothes in time of communions, eat out a holiday, etc). Therefore, you can deduce that a large number of people will come at a certain date or time and you can create discounts from those who can benefit on those occasions.



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