3 Mobile Marketing Strategies to Get More Hotel Reservations Now!

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Do you want to ensure your occupancy rate stays healthy, and you always have a new stream of guests checking in? Then it is time to revamp your mobile marketing strategy. You can run the best hotel in the world with top-tier room service and access to Book of Ra games, but if you do not advertise your business properly with the most effective mobile marketing strategies, it will be hard to make big profits and secure the prosperity of your business. In this article, we will break down the 3 best mobile marketing strategies that will take your business to new heights. Check them out below!

What Is Hotel Mobile Marketing?

Hotel mobile marketing is all about promoting your hotel to smartphone users as they browse different online channels, whether that is on search engines like Google or Bing or on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The goal of hotel mobile marketing is to win new customers and retain current customers through posting a variety of different content and ensuring your hotel is highly visible in the market and offers guests a unique and unforgettable experience.

Why Hotel Mobile Marketing Matters?

Digital marketing is the most effective way to reach the most people in the shortest time possible. With billions of people around the world spending hours on their smartphones on Google, Facebook, and Instagram, you can ensure everyone around the world knows about your amazing hotel with easy mobile marketing strategies.

3 Incredible Hotel Mobile Marketing Strategies

Now when you know how mobile marketing helps, let’s look at 3 different strategies you can use to increase guest reservations. Ideally, these mobile marketing strategies should be used in conjunction.

1. Create a Google Business Listing and Boost Your Mobile Marketing

By creating a Google Business profile, your hotel will instantly become more visible. Whenever someone is searching Google Maps for hotels, your hotel will be highly visible. They then can click on your Google Business profile and instantly find out your hotel’s address, read reviews, head to your website, and even book a room. 

Not only is a Google Business listing one of the most effective mobile marketing tools, but it is also 100% free. With a Google Business listing, you can make it easy for potential guests to find your hotel, learn vital information and make an informed decision on whether or not your property is suitable. With more guests using their smartphones to browse Google before booking a hotel, you can’t afford to ignore this mobile marketing strategy.

Before booking a room, guests want to know a hotel’s exact address, the number of stars they have, the facilities on offer, check out the website, and read real reviews. You can quickly give future guests all of this information directly via your Google Business listing, which significantly increases your chance of winning their booking.

To get started and create your Google Business listing, just follow these steps:

  1. Install the “Google My Business” app on your mobile phone or open the mobile website
  2. Click create an account
  3. Fill in details of your hotel, including name, address, number of stars, and available amenities

Mobile marketing really is that simple! You can create a Google Business listing in just a few minutes directly from your mobile, and before you know it, more and more guests will be finding your hotel through Google. Remember to double-check that all of your hotel’s details are correct because you don’t want angry guests showing up at the wrong location! Now your business is listed on Google, it is time to focus on your content marketing. Check out our next section to learn how to further boost your bookings by setting up your very own website!

2. Create a Mobile-Optimized Website

Nowadays, most hotels have something that at least resembles a website. However, having a basic landing page with a few poor-quality pictures is still a bad mobile marketing strategy. To win new guests, your website needs to wow people and show off everything that your hotel has to offer, and give guests the information they are looking for (rates, available dates, ability to book direct, location, and available amenities). To do this, you need to create a mobile marketing-optimized website.

Follow these mobile marketing website best practices to ensure your website is a cornerstone feature of your mobile marketing plan:

  • Display user reviews – Guests need social proof before they decide to book a hotel for the first time. User reviews are an amazing way to display this social proof.
  • Advertise your latest promos – Is your hotel offering a complimentary dinner deal, or is your in-house casino running a special casino bonus? Then make sure your guests know them!
  • Let guests book on your website – Guests want to be able to click a few buttons and instantly book the room of their choice!
  • Feature videos and photos of your property – The importance of videos and photos can not be understated.
  • Be able to handle payments securely – You need to use SSL encryption to safely handle payment details. Otherwise, guests won’t feel comfortable inputting their details.
  • Showcase key selling points – Does your hotel have an amazing pool or maybe an incredible bar? Then make sure your website promotes these features.

3. Use Online Ads to Power Your Mobile Marketing Campaign

Whether you are doing SMS marketing or in-game mobile marketing, you need to be using a healthy dose of online ads! Here are some types of ads you should be using in your mobile marketing campaign:

  • Facebook Ads – Thanks to Facebook Ads, millions of new potential guests will learn about your hotel, and your brand will quickly become well known.
  • Instagram Ads – Target specific mobile audiences and slash your acquisition cost, thanks to Instagram’s amazing algorithm.
  • Google Hotel Ads – With millions of people searching Google, why not give your hotel high visibility on Google Maps and let customers instantly book directly with you?


Hotel mobile marketing doesn’t have to be complex and tricky. If you follow our 3 simple mobile marketing strategies and use them together, your hotel’s occupancy rate will soar through the roof. Have you ever used any mobile marketing strategies to skyrocket your hotel? Please comment below on what your favorite mobile marketing strategies are and how they have helped your hotel to attract new customers.

Author’s bio:

Thomas Glare started into online marketing when he was hired as a copywriter for a small agency in Leeds. He rapidly wanted to learn more about marketing strategies. He started experimenting on his blog until he figured out he had a natural knack for this. Since then, he has collaborated with various publications, sharing tips on improving digital marketing strategies.



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